Investment legend Cathie Wood is back in the headlines again…

The Wall Street Journal reported that her Ark Innovation Fund (ARKK) bottomed out in early May and is now up 17%.

During the same time period, the S&P 500 has only returned 4.4%.

The Journal called this “a hint of optimism in a slumping market.”

However, Cathie Wood recently made another call…

One that hardly anybody is paying attention to…

One that could turn a small stake into a life-changing windfall.

She said a single investment could be 20 times bigger than bitcoin.

Ian King, the former Wall Street hedge fund manager who gained notoriety for making 261% returns during the 2008 financial crisis, recently investigated the entire situation.

Not only did he confirm Woods’ analysis that this investment will be 20 times bigger than bitcoin…

But he also found that you can get started today with just $20.

If you act fast, you could become a millionaire many times over as this one investment gets thrust into the limelight.

Click here to see Ian’s recent interview where he details everything.




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