“Is this a bad time to invest?”

Mike Huckabee knows many Americans — and the U.S. economy — are struggling this year. So he didn’t mince words when he asked this question on behalf of millions of Americans watching Huckabee on Saturday night.

And he invited Charles Mizrahi, a man Huckabee called “one of the top investment gurus in America,” to answer it.

Mizrahi leaned in and cheerfully replied: “A bad time? Mike, it’s always a great time to invest.”


With a soaring stock market and an economy handicapped by the coronavirus, most Americans are bracing themselves for a major correction.

For many, it seems like a bad time to invest.

But what Mizrahi said next would change anyone’s perspective…

“Think about it. When buying a stock, you’re partnering with any company you want. You have your choice. So, let me ask you, what would it be like to invest in Walmart 40 years ago?”
Huckabee laughed…

“That’d be nice! I wouldn’t ever have to work again if I owned just a little bit back then.”

And Huckabee is right.

Just $10,000 invested in Walmart Inc. back then would be worth $10 million today.

Mizrahi used that opportunity to hammer his point home.

It doesn’t matter if the stock market is up or down today.

It doesn’t matter what calamity is hitting America.

Great companies, like Walmart Inc., will thrive in any environment. In fact, some of the biggest household names — like Walt Disney Co. — got their start during times just like these.

Mizrahi stated: “Look. When you own a stock, you own a piece of the business. You’re looking over the long term … that’s when you make the real wealth. And when you buy at the right price, it’s pretty hard not to make money.”

And then the interview took a fascinating turn.

Huckabee announced that Charles Mizrahi is leading the American Prosperity Summit.

Through it, Charles reveals how he knew to tell readers from his previous research services to invest in the right companies — like and Microsoft —early on … and more important, how anyone can do the same.

He even offers a report on his No.1 stock to buy for 2021.

Go here to see all the details.