How the “World’s Worst” Investor Got Rich

At 70 years old, Bob Penchant was done with stocks.

An avid saver his whole life, he watched more than half a million dollars go up in flames on one bad investment after another.

It’s no surprise he might think of himself as the “world’s worst investor.”

But Bob’s fortunes radically changed the moment he stumbled on an obscure online video from Wall Street legend Paul Mampilly. (You can see it here.)

Now, after following Paul’s insights, Bob says: “This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever made money in the stock market.”

And he’s not the only one.

You see, what started as an obscure online video is now a viral sensation seen by over 2.7 million people worldwide.

In fact, 91,933 people just like Bob have started reaping the rewards of Paul’s insights.

People like Balwant Smith who said: “You gave me a profit of $45,000! In 30 years of fiddling with the stock market, I’ve never came across any adviser this outstanding.”

Lars Anderson, who wrote Paul a personal letter saying: “I am up about $23,000 based on your recommendations.”

The list goes on and on … from a man named Mitchel who sent in his brokerage account reflecting gains of 799% (a profit of $109,000) … to a retired couple from Buffalo who added $707,000 to their retirement in less than 9 months.

Yet as great as these gains are, Paul says they are nothing compared to what will unfold in the days ahead thanks to a secret economic force that is hitting the market right now.

And in his newest video, Paul shows you why this force will trigger the biggest bull market in history – and more importantly, he shows you the top stocks every Main Street American needs to buy before this bull market takes off.

Click here for all the details, or watch the video below.


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