Here’s What Happens When You Defund the Police

What started out as a peaceful gathering of Conservatives in downtown Portland soon turned violent.

Antifa had arrived.

And within minutes, they were hurling smoke grenades and fireworks at the crowd. Two eventgoers were injured by mortars.

But when the organizers called 911, they were put on hold for 20 minutes — a long time when you’re facing a mob of thugs.

Even more shocking is that police officers only arrived after the rioters had dispersed — even though the rally was held right across the street from police headquarters.

But don’t blame the cops.

They now have 70% fewer officers than a few years ago … just 8 for every 100,000.

Turns out “defund the police” has consequences.

In blue cities across the country … in schools and in the streets … “woke” policies have spawned a crime wave that is now raging out of control.

But as worrying as it is, the chaos is only a symptom of a threat that is much bigger, darker and infinitely more dangerous.

One financial expert is now warning that their actions will be catastrophic. He expects inflation will soar 50%, “safe” stocks will fall 90% and we’ll see tax rates upward of 70%.

It could even lead to the end of Social Security.

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