Government Mistake Puts 150 Million Retirement Accounts in Grave Danger

Ian King, one of Wall Street’s top analysts, recently sent the following warning to his 200,000 subscribers…

“A seemingly insignificant government mistake is putting 150 million middle-class retirement accounts in grave danger.”

He went on to explain why stocks could crash 50%, real estate could get slashed in half and unemployment could surge to record highs.

And according to King, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. Not Washington. Not Wall Street. Not the Fed.

It won’t be the first time King made such a prediction.

He made a similar forecast in 2007 and went on to short banks … generating a 261% return for his hedge fund over the next two years.

And more recently, during a January 2020 Fox Business interview, he shared that that the coronavirus could rattle the entire stock market, as well as the global economy.

Two months later, his words (unfortunately) proved all too true. The U.S. economy shut down. The stock market tanked in one of the fastest crashes ever. 

But Ian says this government mistake could lead to more devastation than anything our nation has ever witnessed.

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