Our entire country rests on an unstable foundation.

You will be shocked at why our foundation is this frail.

Ironically, much of our so-called “prosperity” is linked back to this very problem.

You see, this weak foundation is the exact reason we,in America, were able to build our top-of-the-line infrastructure, have our oversized cars and put restaurants on every corner.

But this foundation has started to weaken, one grain of sand at a time.

And there is nothing — absolutely nothing — that can be done to prevent it from continuing to weaken and ultimately collapsing.

In the end, the stock market could tumble by 70%.

There’s little time left to prepare — this collapse has already begun.

Yet no one is talking about it. Well, hardly anyone…

He’s a former U.N. economist, bestselling author and his work has been featured on Fox Business, in Forbes, Barron’s and more.

He warned that the stock market was headed for a correction in February of 2020, one week before it started dropping faster than any other time on record.

Today he’s making his most controversial prediction in 40 years.

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