As legalization begins to hit all 50 states, an expected 4,067% industry boom could help transform the average American’s savings into early-retirement nest eggs.

During his 2016 campaign, President Trump commented on this new industry: “I’m in favor of it 100%.”

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, once “unalterably opposed” to supporting it, now admits: “My thinking has evolved.”

Today, he sits on the advisory board of a major company leading this new green revolution.

Former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, once completely against anything favoring the industry, now says: “There may well be some benefits from this.”

Even the firebrand Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren says, “It’s the one thing Democrats and Republicans Agree on.”

The bottom line is that it’s not a matter of if all 50 states will legalize the substance behind this industry, but when.

Not surprising when you consider a recent poll shows 93% of Americans are now in favor of nationwide legalization.

And early investors could see their starting stakes turn into retirement fortunes, as the industry is expected to surge 4,067%.

In fact, folks have already made as much as 1,389%, 500% and ten times their money from this new legalization boom.

Other extraordinary gains have been seen in stocks tied to this sector after state laws were passed.

For example…

In 2014, when Maryland, Missouri, New York, and 13 other states legalized this substance, one company shot up as high as 3,429%.

The next year, when 8 states including Virginia and Texas made it more accessible to the public, Aphria Inc. took off, surging upwards of 2,628%.

And soon after California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine legalized it in 2016, Axim Biotechnologies surged to a peak of 3,413%.

With these gains alone, investors had the chance to turn every $1,000 into a $95,000 windfall.

And if those gains were simply triggered by state laws, imagine the profits when this substance becomes legal for the entire country.

Using a strategy developed over 20 years in the commodities sector, resource investing expert Matt Badiali has uncovered the best way to profit before Washington grants full legalization. It’s the perfect way to ride the expected 4,067% market surge.

He will even reveal the blueprint he uses to capture these massive gain opportunities … a blueprint Matt already used to win an in-house investment competition amongst colleagues of a previous research firm, returning cumulative gains of 2,926%, as well as bagging a 4,400% profit in his own portfolio.

And he tells me this controversial new industry in the months ahead could be an even bigger opportunity.

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