Cold War Hero Issues Dire Warning to Conservative Investors

America is healing!

Conservatives are finally speaking out. One of the areas this is happening most is the field of finance.

Too many of our children, and our children’s children, got swept up in the madness and financial euphoria of speculative assets like Bitcoin over the last two years.

Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr

Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr, USAF (ret), CMT, CFTe.

One of the men who is speaking out is Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr, USAF (ret), CMT, CFTe.

Mike has been trading options on stocks for the last 30 years. “Options give you the ability to invest a small amount of your money in stocks. You risk less, while capturing all of the upside when stocks go up.”

“We don’t really teach finance in school,” Mike continues. “So people get taken advantage of. They see their accounts dwindle even as the market goes up. And their accounts drop lower than the market when it crashes.”

Mike has revealed the reason why this happens in a tell-all presentation that is required viewing for every American conservative. “I’m not just a conservative when it comes to voting. I’m conservative with my money too. But most Americans don’t know there are strategies that can get you better returns than stocks, with less risk.”

Mike shared such a strategy with investors more than a decade ago at one of the first-of-its-kind investment funds that was designed to capture better returns than the broader market, with less risk. Within 18 months, Mike nearly tripled his assets under management, growing from $80 million to $220 million.

“I don’t manage money anymore. The fees were too high. But with inflation spiraling out of control, and traditional conservative investments yielding zero, zilch, nada, I’m sharing the full details of the strategy for every conservative American who will listen.”

If you’re looking for sound investment advice to share with your kids, or even to use yourself, Mike’s presentation is available for a limited time. Click here to see the full details.