Gold is a great investment that should be in everyone’s portfolio.

And while our top gold expert believes the yellow metal will rally to $2,000 – a 53% increase by 2020 … there’s another metal surging so fast that its “supply/demand gap” is expected to soar 900%.

It’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal, and it’s not aluminum, nickel, iron ore or lithium either.

Yet this metal’s spot price has shot up 114% over the last year … and it still has a lot of room to run higher.

According to Matt Badiali, one of the world’s leading natural resource experts: “This overlooked metal will be the biggest commodity story of 2018.”

One should heed Badiali’s insight.

He’s taught at Duke and the University of North Carolina, he’s traveled around the world to inspect hundreds of mines, and he’s given folks … just like you … the chance to make gains ranging from 107% to 342%.

But these gains don’t compare to the opportunity he sees emerging right now.

“This metal is about to become the most fought-over, sought-after commodity on the planet. More than land, more than water, more than gold and more than oil.” Badiali went on to say: “A little mining company just unearthed a massive amount of what some experts call – the ‘magic metal.’ This tiny stock could go ballistic – early investors could easily make 5, 10, even a rare 30 times their money as this situation evolves.”

Simply put, there’s a brief window of opportunity to get in while this junior miner is still dirt cheap and still virtually unknown.

That’s why I encourage you to watch his presentation right away.

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