America’s most iconic hockey mom just hosted an online event called the American Prosperity Summit.

During the explosive event, the retired politician opened up her laptop and revealed an investment secret that she’s used to make bigger gains in two weeks than most people make in two years.

In this eye-opening online event, this iconic American figure shed light on the REAL reason why so many people are struggling to achieve the American dream…

She revealed the man behind the secret weapon she’s used to outperform Wall Street pros.

And showed everyone how this secret weapon helped her to reach her financial goals in less than 10 minutes a month.

Recent events have shaken our nation. And the months ahead are filled with uncertainty.

But, as this former political trailblazer declared during the event: “Now is the time for boldness. For courage. And for the American spirit to rise up.”

The event is free for those who watch it today.

Thousands have been invited to see it.

Click here to watch it now.



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