AI could unleash new Great Depression

Recently, a dangerous outbreak of rogue artificial intelligence has caused many to fear we’ve opened Pandora’s box. These include incidents where an AI:

» Attempted to acquire a nuclear warhead (Read More
» Created deadly chemical weapons (Read More
» Spread dangerous medical treatments (Read More
» Helped criminals rob $1 billion from a bank (Read More

Imagine what AI will be capable of when it becomes 205,000 times more powerful  than it is right now. On its current trajectory, it will reach this mark in a few years.

That’s why eliminating the threat of rogue artificial intelligence has become America’s #1 priority. If we succeed, AI will create $22.1 trillion a year in new wealth by 2030. So it offers the promise of what Elon Musk describes as “an age of abundance.”

Fortunately, two of the world’s most secretive billionaires have discovered what could be the secret to defeating rogue AI. That’s according to a 40-year expert in the field of artificial intelligence.

These billionaires quietly self-funded their project and kept it under wraps for four years. When they pulled back the curtain, Microsoft rushed to work with them.

Their breakthrough is now critical to Microsoft’s alliance with OpenAI – the creators of ChatGPT.

This AI firm has since integrated its technology into Amazon, Google, Nvidia, Apple, and Facebook. So we could be witnessing the most important breakthrough of the 21st century.

And this little-known AI firm could surge 2,500% in value over the coming years and 5,000% within a decade. But long term, this AI expert believes it could become “The Next Microsoft.”

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