Ask any fund manager what their “stock of the century” would look like and they would probably tell you three things:

    1. It must be cheap.
    2. It must be at the forefront of a major tech revolution.
    3. It must have a serious advantage over any other competitors.

Finding a stock that fulfills all of those requirements is extremely difficult, but when you do it can make you a millionaire.

For example, if you had invested in Microsoft at the dawn of the PC revolution you could have turned just $2,000 into $1,621,240.

Or if you had bought $1,000 in Amazon stock in back in 2001, your stake would now be worth just over $1.5 million.

Of course, you can’t make major gains off these companies anymore.

But Wall Street legend Paul has recently identified his stock of the century.

This stock fulfills ALL THREE of the above requirements.

It’s a small, California-based chipmaker you likely haven’t heard of. But Paul believes its product is going to be in very wide use very soon.

That’s because the space it works in is a new tech industry being explored by 90% of major North American and European banks…

An estimated 90% of all world governments are expected to invest in the technology within this industry…

And a recent PwC – also known as PricewaterhouseCoopers – report found 84% of all businesses surveyed are actively involved in this kind of technology already.

This company has been blasting past earnings estimates in the last few quarters.

Its competitors are struggling to keep up and according to Paul , it’s just getting started.

“Everything about this stock is signaling ‘BUY’ right now,” he recently said.

This company’s next earnings report is expected on October 23, and you want to buy before that happens or you may miss the boat.

Buying up a handful of shares of this small company now could change your life and even make you millions. Click here now.