David must have looked stupid standing in front of Goliath.

After all, he was merely a little shepherd boy with nothing but a slingshot and a few stones.

Goliath, on the other hand, was a 9-foot-tall trained warrior armed with a sword, javelin and shield.

Surely, David would be slaughtered.

But David knew something THEY didn’t — that the odds were actually stacked in his favor.

“He was never an underdog. David was guaranteed the win,” explains Charles Mizrahi in a recent presentation. “As a shepherd he fought off lions.  His size made him fast, and his slingshot, while unconventional, actually had the firepower of a .45 caliber handgun.”

Mizrahi goes on to explain that in today’s world, the Main Street investor is a lot like David.

“We’re told that we can’t beat our Goliath … Wall Street. We are told that we don’t have enough money (we are too small), we aren’t smart enough (we aren’t trained), and we don’t have the right weapons (super computers).”

“Well, that’s a lie that’s been fed to the masses,” Mizrahi says. “Those of us on Main Street can actually stack the odds in our favor, just like David did against Goliath.”

Mizrahi then goes on to give three simple ways Main Street can stack the odds in their favor and take on Wall Street. Click there to see them.

And Mizrahi should know.

As a college dropout from a blue-collar family, Mizrahi was told he had no business on Wall Street.

Yet, he became the No. 1 market timer … seven years in a row … and made as many as 48 winning trade recommendations without a single loss (he even moved ALL his clients money two weeks before the 1987 crash).

In the following presentation, Charles explains how you could do the same by stacking the odds in your favor to beat your financial giants with a few simple moves.

Click here to see the details.


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