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Clint-erview With A Vampire

Ladies and gents, this is the market you’ve been waiting for…

Been trading in the dark, your profits soaking through the floor.

Something, something … this is the greatest show!

Great Ones, I have a treat for you today. No tricks. Promise.

Today, we’re talking about rising uncertainty in the markets, volatility, Wall Street’s insanity — or mine, take your pick — sucking the marrow out of the market … and turkey basting.

Nice … wait. Turkey basting?

I may be tryptophan trippin’ early … but turkey is just that good. And gravy … and mashed potatoes … and …

But I digress. Today, we’re going inside the trader’s studio once again — this time with Banyan Hill’s own quantitative specialist and member of the Bauman gang, Clint Lee.

But is he really a vampire?

The world may never know.

Many of you already follow his work in Profit Switch and Flashpoint Fortunes. But if this is the first time you’re hearing directly from Clint himself … listen up, you lucky dog, you!

This week, Clint wants to show all y’all Great Ones out there how to grab your own Slingshot Profits — and you don’t even need to own a slingshot! I mean, it’s OK if you do. They’re fun and great for annoying cats.

(Note: Great Stuff does not actually condone sling-shotting cats. While fun, it can be very traumatic for the cat. Just saying…)

Anywho. Join us now as we forego our usual midweek mischief and hear it from the man, the myth, the legend … and the potential vampire himself: Clint Lee.

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Mr. Great Stuff:

Finally! Here he is — Clint Lee! Editor of Slingshot Profits and Flashpoint Fortunes. It’s a pleasure to (virtually) sit down with you. Bit of a heavy-handed intro, you see … but I can’t believe it took this long to not-so-formally chat with you and introduce you to the Great Ones.

So, Clint … tell us all about yourself. How’d you end up here working with my ol’ pal Ted Bauman? Feel free to share your life story and whatnot — I want to hear every little excruciating detail. You can start at the beginning … and when you get to the end … well, stop.

Clint Lee:

It all started on a cold night in December over 40 years ago…

Mr. Great Stuff:

That’s a “dark and stormy night” intro if I’ve ever heard one.

Clint Lee:

You said you wanted the details! But maybe I’ll fast-forward a bit…

I’ve been in the investment industry for over 15 years now and have been fortunate enough to see investing and trading from all angles — everything from deep-dive, fundamental research to quantitative investing and technical analysis.

Before joining Ted’s team, I was a $2 billion money manager, and our $600 million fund was ranked No. 1 in its category by U.S. News & World Report.

But as I advanced up the traditional investing career ladder, I found myself more and more removed from doing the things I love. My passion is building trading systems to help people make money, and the opportunity to join Ted’s team put me right back on track.

Over the last two years, I’ve dedicated myself to taking the best of everything I’ve learned and experienced in my career to help Ted’s and my subscribers navigate this crazy market.

Mr. Great Stuff:

That’s quite a backstory. Now, I know some Great Ones already follow your freaky-fast trades in Flashpoint Fortunes. So, tell us about this new gig you’ve got going. What’s the deal with Slingshot Profits?

Clint Lee:

Slingshot Profits is built on a system that I’ve been working on for about a decade now. It’s centered around this revelation I had when trying to figure out when stock markets trend versus when they get choppy and noisy.

It was like a lightbulb turning on. 3 … 2 … 1 … boom!

You see, the stock market is made up of competing time fractals…

Mr. Great Stuff:

Fractals Clint Lee History Guy Meme

Hold up there, Commander Data. Fractals?

I was told there would be no math. I mean, I like math, oddly enough, but … well, I believe I speak for all the Great Ones out there when I say:

What you talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?

Clint Lee:

Ha, right. So, what I mean is that the market can be broken up into influential moments. They can span a minute, an hour, one day or a month. Each fractal has its own unique momentum characteristics. You get my point?

Mr. Great Stuff:

So, kind of like “time flies like an arrow,” but “fruit flies like a banana?”

Clint Lee:


Mr. Great Stuff:


Clint Lee:

Anyway, when these moments, these fractals compete with each other — when these unique momentum moments conflict — we get choppy markets.

But when they fall into alignment, big trends emerge.

That’s why I’ve spent years trying to perfect my system to spot when these fractals will line up.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Oh, so it’s like when you row a boat by yourself, you make a little bit of headway. When you row with more people, you move faster. But when you all row in one direction, and the market flows with you … you’re greased lightning?

Clint Lee:

What? Sure … something like that, I guess. They warned me this would be weird.

But that’s not all. The missing piece to my puzzle is a set of indicators that tell me when a trend is set to fall back into alignment. 3 … 2 … 1 … boom!

It’s like a countdown that emerges on my charts that tells me when a trend is set to resume.

In Slingshot Profits, we leverage those trends into powerful gains by using options.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Did you just say the “O” word? I can’t believe you just said the “O” word.

So many people are afraid of options. But you just came out and said it. Bold move, Cotton. Let’s see how it plays out for you.

Luckily, you’re talking to Great Stuff’s Great Ones. They’re a pretty fiery bunch and not easily spooked. They know that options can be part of an investors’ perfectly balanced breakfast.

So, how’s your options game rollin’, Clint?

Clint Lee:

The way we use options in Slingshot Profits is pretty simple. We either buy a call option to bet on rising prices, or we buy a put option to profit from a downside move. Nothing complex like writing options or using spreads.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Aaah! The K.I.S.S. method. Keep it simple, stupid. The best approach to trading options, if you ask me. Cuts down on confusion.

Clint Lee:


Now here’s one thing I really like about options, especially in this volatile market. I know exactly how much I’m risking on any given trade (unlike the risk involved in watching my daughter play field hockey … which recently resulted in a busted-up lip).

You can’t lose more money than the premium you paid for that option contract. So, if I decide that $500 is the most money I’m willing to lose on any single trade, then that’s how much I spend on the option premium.

Millionaire Options Trading Benefits Meme

Contrast that with buying shares in the underlying stock. You might be intent on setting a stop and limiting your loss to $500.

But things happen … like an earnings report or a sudden market drop that takes everything lower right at the open. And you don’t have a chance to limit your risk to $500.

That feature with options is terrific for this market. It’s like wearing shin guards and mouth guards to prevent damage when that hockey ball ricochets off the stick in an unexpected way.

And yes, options are a leveraged way to turn a modest, underlying change in a stock’s price into a big gain. I use it to play short-term price moves in underlying stocks.

Another benefit is that put options are a way to profit from falling stock prices, so you can make money in any type of market.

I look at the strategy as a way to profit from short-term price swings and to be more aggressive. It’s not meant to be a core part of your portfolio or to be used with retirement money or emergency savings.

It’s meant to complement your long-term stock holdings and to have something on-hand when volatility picks up.

Mr. Great Stuff:

And there it is, the 2021 word of the year: volatility! You’ve just gotta love the fact that options trading allows you to make money regardless of the market’s direction. That’s gonna come in handy in the next several months.

So, speaking of volatility… Do you see choppy market conditions picking up again? How does your strategy perform in uncertain markets?

Clint Lee:

Yes. I think the easy money coming out of the pandemic has already been made, and market conditions are going to get tougher for investors to navigate.

Mr. Great Stuff:

A man after my own heart, I see. Go on.

Clint Lee:

I actually just wrote about three “tectonic” forces in Bauman Daily that investors will have to deal with and why it will create all sorts of upcoming volatility.

You have the Federal Reserve set to turn off the money-printing press. For the better part of the past decade, financial assets have benefited the Fed’s $8.5 trillion in quantitative easing. That program will see the beginning of the end as soon as next month.

Then you have the impact of longer-term interest rates. The yield on the 10-year Treasury has been trending down for 40 years. That’s been a huge boost for stock market valuations, but that trend could be in the early stages of reversing. We’re already seeing the chaos in stocks from rising rates this year.

And finally, you have the impact of a reopening economy wreaking havoc. On one side, there’s a bunch of pent-up savings waiting to be spent. On the other, shortages of everything from labor to semiconductors are limiting the potential of the economy.

I hope all your readers have bought their Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas presents already because they may have trouble finding those treasures closer to the holidays. Stocks are collectively expensive, and any impact to their earnings outlooks will cause wild swings in prices … for better or worse.

Put it all together, and I expect volatility will not only continue but increase as well. Whether it’s the ups and downs in the market or the quick rotation we see in groups of stocks. Like the stay-at-home versus reopening plays.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Exactly! This is what I’ve been saying for the past year or so! See, Great Ones, I told you I’m not crazy!

Clint Lee:

But here’s the great thing about Slingshot Profits. The system is designed to pinpoint when these turns will occur. That way, we can stay one step ahead of wherever the next big turn takes us. In short, our turkeys are already in the oven.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Willy Wonka Options Trading Risk Meme Stocks Meme

I’m picking up what you’re putting down, jive turkey!

Time to stuff the pantry while the stuffin’s good, right? Baste that turkey right, and then you can have your pudding. Cause you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

What were we talking about again? Something … maybe pudding? Oh, if the proof is in the pudding, I need me some pudding … and proof. How’d you do it?

How do I know you’re not just yanking my chain with these trade results? I don’t take you for a chain-yanker, now, Clint…

Clint Lee:

Want something stronger than ZzzQuil to put you to sleep really fast?

Mr. Great Stuff:

Faster than Thanksgiving turkey? This I’ve gotta see…

Clint Lee:

I’ve got tons of research and back-testing I accumulated when developing my new trading system.

Mr. Great Stuff:


Clint Lee:

Hey! I was only kidding about the snooze fest.

All this research, backing-testing and number crunching is like chugging a steady stream of Red Bull to me. For Slingshot Profits, I covered a three-year period that saw just about every type of market out there … from bull to bear and everything in between.

The results?

A return of 1,165% over that period. That’s a massive 12x return.

But I didn’t just stop there.

We recently completed a round of live beta trades, which saw an 85% gain in just a week!

Finally, I released Slingshot Profits to a small group of traders … and so far, we’ve closed out two positions. Both were for gains, and one showed a 135% return in less than two weeks!

Mr. Great Stuff:

Freaking sweet, Clint!

But how easy is this system to use?

I can speak for the rest of the Great Ones out there … we like to keep things simple when it comes to trading. As in, no more complex than making a bowl of ramen.

What kind of trading skills or background knowledge will we need for Slingshot Profits?

Clint Lee:

Well, even if you can’t make a bowl of ramen or boil an egg, you’ll still do great with Slingshot Profits.

Remember, we’re not doing any exotic options strategies here. It’s just plain old vanilla call- and put-option buying, and then selling at some later date.

You’re not on the hook for any more than the option premium, meaning you can’t lose more money beyond what you spend to buy the option.

Plus, you’re not doing any of the research, analysis, number crunching, market watching, indicator surfing … any of it.

Mr. Great Stuff:

No work at all? Wow. I hear people like that right now. Lol.

Clint Lee:

All my subscribers need to do is read their email trade alerts and then follow my instructions, which I keep simple. They can even get texts when it’s time to make a trade.

I also send out a weekly update where I cover our open positions, my diagnosis of the market’s health, where we’re looking for the next profit countdown … oh, and I answer any questions my readers send my way.

Mr. Great Stuff:

Well, that sounds just peachy, Clint.

So, how about it, Great Ones? An easy-to-use options service that takes all the guess work and research out of the equation and gives you the potential to make big gains quickly? And it’s all based on a system with back-tested results.


And, Clint, it was great hearing from you, buddy! We need to sling some shots of our own the next time we’re all in town.

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Thanks again, Clint!

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