Offshore Investment Summit 2016

The Offshore Investment Summit is the perfect place to meet and discover “off-mainstream” methods for asset protection, offshore investing and “off the grid” strategies for protecting and growing what you have rightfully earned. You may even consider relocating to Uruguay after enjoying the homegrown food, local wines and beautiful scenery. Privacy, comfort and a passion for a simple, sovereign life is what you’ll find here. Which is why this event could be life changing for you.

At the Summit, you’ll hear from local Uruguay experts, international attorneys, private bankers, to alternative investment managers, CEOs and more. In addition, Sancho Santayana, founder of 360 Terra, will take you on an exclusive tour to see the best of what Punta del Este real estate has to offer. Whether it’s modern beachfront condos with breathtaking ocean views, or a classic chalet in one of the must see pine tree-covered neighborhoods, you’ll get a private tour of every type of property available in Punta del Este. You’ll even discover a variety of real-estate opportunities–from investment properties to places you’ll want to make your second home.

You’ll learn about farmland investments that can provide stable, annual income – and potentially rise in value quickly – as global demand for food continues to soar. Sebastian Da Silva, who runs one of Uruguay’s leading farm-management firms, will lead you on a tour of Uruguay’s agricultural heartland – Colonia. With his expert guidance, you’ll visit farms where you’ll learn about the crops that are synonymous with Uruguay and the opportunities they represent.