America: Land of the Free?

America is no longer the land of the free

The Land of the Free has lost its appeal.

In 2014, a record 3,415 Americans chose to escape America by expatriating. That’s up 14% from 2013’s record number of 2,999. More American citizens are shedding their citizenship each year in the wake of more aggressive attempts at wealth confiscation. Privacy has become a high-priced luxury rather than a right in the face of NSA spying. And the police who are supposed to be protecting us look more like armed forces of a small country with their advanced tactical gear and aggressive methods.

Calling America the “Land of the Free” is just adding insult to injury.

It’s time to find that haven in the sun away from the crumbling remains of American democracy and freedom.

And we’ve found just the place …the new land of the free…

Residency in the World’s Top Haven

On the first day of the Offshore Investment Summit, Juan Federico Fischer kicked the event off with a discussion of how to get residency and ultimately citizenship in Uruguay. It’s much easier than you’d think.

Sure, Uruguay is off the radar for most Americans, but the best of offshore living is here: beautiful beaches, European sophistication with a frontier spirit and all the conveniences of a modern, well-developed country to which any serious sovereign individual could easily relocate.

You can establish residency in the world’s top haven … starting in 30 days or fewer. In fact, certain income streams qualify you for residency, and Juan can show you an easy “tip” to simplify your paperwork, as well as direct you to the Uruguay officials who can expedite all passport and citizenship documents.

Becoming a citizen will give you a second passport, which is your ticket to freedom. It doesn’t just free you from higher taxes, expanding regulations and invasion of your personal privacy, but it opens up an entire world of investing opportunities that is closed to most Americans.

The Next Great Opportunity in the Dollar

Investment Director and Editor of Profit Seeker Jeff Opdyke took the stage next to closely examine the state of the U.S. dollar.  America’s fiat currency has enjoyed some impressive strength recently, rallying an astounding 27% since August 2011. But Jeff explained that this is nothing more than accidental strength, not fundamental strength. The fact is that weakness in a number of currencies around the globe has lifted the value of the dollar.  Greece’s weakness, the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing plan and sanctions against Russia have hit the euro zone, weakening the euro. Japan is fighting the collapse of the yen. And even worries of a slowdown in China have helped to boost the dollar.

And while the world is betting that the Fed is going to raise rates soon (which would also boost the dollar), rates aren’t going to go far when you consider the massive mound of debt that America is currently sitting on.  We simply can’t afford to have rates go significantly higher.

Jeff explained that once the Fed fails to make a significant rate hike, investors are going to take a close look at the health of the dollar.  At that point, the dollar’s high-flying days are over.  To close out his presentation, Jeff provided attendees with a three-point Strong Dollar Strategy that showed them how to leverage the strong U.S. dollar now as a way to buy insurance to protect their cash and lifestyle from a dollar collapse.

Peace of Mind

Erika Nolan closed out Tuesday’s presentations. She pointed out that we are 31% more successful when we are happy. We need to achieve peace of mind in our lives, but we need to take care of a few things to get there. From a financial standpoint, we are seeing growth, but the bulk of it is happening outside the United States. Our privacy is dwindling —you can pay $49 for an Internet search to pull up information on anyone in the U.S., but that does not exist outside of our country.

Erika introduced 1291 Group – The Americas to attendees. The goal of the company is to help people with their global investments, with a focus on getting out of the U.S. dollar, privacy and asset protection, such as proper estate planning and achieving tax advantages. She explained that one option for investors is the private placement policy, which allows you to:

  • Pick your asset manager
  • Pick your risk strategy
  • Decide how the policy is paid out to beneficiaries

Erika also offered attendees at the Offshore Investment Summit a new avenue for acquiring physical gold as well as storage options. Furthermore, 1291 Group has a Wealth Planning Solution that has returned on average 32%   per year since its inception in 2009.

A Different Kind of Growth

Today is the first full day of the Offshore Investment Summit and it’s already been a busy day.  The morning kicked off with Josh Bennett showing attendees some of the best ways to invest in Uruguay while maximizing their U.S. tax credits in order to avoid paying double taxes. Then Erika Nolan and Marc-Andre Sola took investors on a closer look at the future of money, helping them find secure ways to access their wealth while traveling overseas and more. They provided a solution that has zero cost to open and allows you to hold your cash in 10 currencies

We also had Sebastian Da Silva talk about investing in farmland in Uruguay. He explained that the increasing global demand for food combined with the deterioration of arable land has put good quality farmland in high demand. What’s more, farmland is a non-volatile asset and a good store of value with an annual cash return. Investing in Uruguay is especially attractive as it continues to be a stable, investor-friendly country with no limitation on ownership and a sold legal system.

Later this afternoon, Sebastian is taking the group on a tour of Cerro Pan de Azucar Valley, just 20 miles from Punta del Este. During the tour, the group will visit a soy farm and have the chance to see the Uruguayan countryside suitable for livestock, agriculture and forestry.

Tonight is a cocktail reception hosted by American expatriate Bob Lemon.

Don’t Miss Out

You need the tips and tricks that the experts are sharing in Uruguay. Are you prepared for the dollar’s downturn? Wouldn’t you like to know how to best access your money both at home and overseas? Find out how to learn these tricks plus virtually attend the farmland tour with the Offshore Investment Blueprint.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I can give you the scoop on asset protection strategies, rare tangible assets and much more.

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