The world of tomorrow is unfolding today as billions of people pursue a better life.

From the eastern tip of Indonesia, to the western shores of Africa, from Southern Chile to Northern Russia, the global population is growing fat in the middle. Therein lies one of the biggest trends – one of the biggest investment opportunities – of our lifetime: The growth of the middle class in emerging markets.

By investing only in U.S. companies, investors are cutting themselves off from the markets where there is much greater potential for explosive growth in the coming decades. Whether it’s increased demand for meat and dairy among rising middle class populations or the ever-growing need for clean water across Asia, those are the kinds of trends that, in the middle of the last century, represented the beginning of the fortunes made in America’s consumer-product stocks.

Our editors at the Sovereign Investor Daily have traveled the world looking for these new emerging market opportunities. From food to fresh water, mass transit to real estate, the Sovereign Investor Daily will bring you information you need to take advantage of this irreversible global trend while others continue investing in stagnant U.S. markets.

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