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Your FIRST E-Learning ETF (Before $317 Billion Market Surge)!

Your FIRST E-Learning ETF (Before $317 Billion Market Surge)!

Story Highlights:

  • You might be experiencing this new tech trend taking off this year. The market is expected to hit $317 billion by 2025.
  • Get our first e-learning ETF recommendation for America 2.0 profits.
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Hold tight Bold Profits Nation … we haven’t seen anything like this.

A new mega industry is emerging in America 2.0.

One we haven’t directly recommended to you yet … but we will today.

I want you to have the chance to get in now before this industry changes the world forever, and skyrockets up to a $317 billion market by 2025.

A shift has happened in 2020 … in education.

Some of you Bold Profits parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s called online education or “e-learning.”

This is a technology venture — using our mega trends like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence — that’s transforming how students learn in the 21st century.

Not only is e-learning digitizing traditional education, but it’s seeing big stock gains in companies that invent the software and technology that foster it.

This is not going to be a temporary shift. This is going to be a full force transformation in America 2.0.

And I’ve found the perfect first buy for you in this industry today.

E-Learning’s Classroom Disruption

Surprisingly, e-learning is not new. But this year is bringing it to the forefront like never before.

In fact, I’ve experienced e-learning firsthand. My school made the mega transition to online learning during my second year of graduate school for my master’s degree.

This is when I got my first taste of how online schooling worked.

It was a liberating experience because I didn’t have to physically be in a classroom to learn.

Fast-forward today, many master’s degree programs are now online only. Along with a lot of schools for our Strong Hands junior students.

Since 1924 with the first invention of the “testing machine,” called Automatic Teacher, e-learning’s journey has been one of marvel and transformation.

From the first Harvard produced Teaching Machine in 1954, to the advent of the personal computer with the iconic Macintosh in the 1980s, it’s no wonder the e-learning digital age we’re living in today is so leading edge.

Simply put, technology is revolutionizing the traditional education system.

Learning doesn’t need to be confined to the classroom.

From grade school to grad school, e-learning is vibrant and here to stay.

Check out these amazing e-learning statistics from

  • “The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $317 billion in 2025.”
  • “In 2017, approximately 77% of U.S. corporations used online learning, but 98% planned to incorporate it in their program in 2020.”
  • “The U.S. e-learning market could grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024.”
  • “E-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%.”
  • “The corporate e-learning market could increase by $38.09 billion between 2020 and 2024.”
  • “E-learning has led to an increase in income for 42% of U.S. organizations.”
  • “A survey of 2,500 companies found that those with “comprehensive training programs” have 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins.”
  • “IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to e-learning.”

Wow! To me, this all screams that e-learning is going to be a tremendous trend in America 2.0.

Upcoming Mega Trends in the E-Learning Market

Globally, the e-learning market is forecast to grow from $171 billion in 2019 to $317 billion by 2025.

This is an 86% increase and solid compound annual growth rate of 10.85%:

Be prepared to see these new mega trends infiltrate the e-learning market and raise revenues for e-learning businesses:

  • Massive Open Online Courses — an online course geared toward unlimited participation and open access through the internet.
  • Mobile learning — distance learning using personal mobile devices.
  • Micro learning — short online learning courses where students gain new knowledge in a very short amount of time.
  • Social learning — a form of in-demand e-learning where learners share, collaborate and problem-solve informally.
  • Cloud-based e-learning — a scalable platform where providers can host proprietary software that can be accessed by learners anywhere.
  • Augmented and virtual reality e-learning — a more interactive learning experience that blends real life with the digital world creating a 3D-learning environment.

Each of these e-learning trends are key innovations that will push the e-learning sector forward in the coming years.

Buy Our First E-Learning ETF for America 2.0 Profits

If you want in on the massive e-learning trend, now is a perfect time.

Major e-learning stocks are moving higher, some more than tripling in price since the recent March 2020 low with room to grow.

To get in on this trend, I recommend buying the American Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETF (NYSE: FDG).

FDG is a brand-new exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in early- and rapid-stage growth companies that they believe will increase in value over time.

FDG holds stocks that are at the forefront of the e-learning market.

Since its inception FDG on April 2, 2020, FDG is up 58.7%:

We here at Bold Profits are bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on the technology that makes e-learning possible.

So, I recommend buying this ETF for a way to play the e-learning boom.

Are you or your kids using e-learning this year? Do you think this trend is here to stay in America 2.0? I’m taking a poll and would love to hear your thoughts. Click here to vote now

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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