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Dump Old World Stocks, Buy Into New America 2.0 Players

Dump Old World Stocks, Buy Into New America 2.0 Players

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is due for an America 2.0 makeover.

The index is the oldest indices in the U.S. — dating back to 1896 — and its average annual return from its start to 2018 is a meager 5.4%.

Last year, the Dow posted a 9.6% dividend reinvested gain, which less than doubled its average.

But even so, the Dow’s old-world America 1.0 stocks can’t post anywhere near the returns you can get with America 2.0 stocks!

Today, I’m going to take a deeper dive into why poor America 1.0 stocks are holding back the Dow from reaching 100,000.

I’ll also tell you how to play the America 2.0 stocks that will drive the run up I see coming.

The Dow’s Performance vs. America 2.0’s Performance

The Dow is certainly in a need of a transformation from the old world to the new.

The chart below shows the bottom four performers of the Dow in 2020:

Dow Jones Bottom 4 Performers

Intel (INTC), Chevron (CVX), Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) and Boeing (BA) are all dragging down the Dow’s potential to reach my projected six-figure mark by the end of this decade.

As we like to say at Bold Profits Daily, these America 1.0 stocks do not have GoingUpness — the key to Paul Mampilly’s strategy for picking superstar stocks.

Each one of these stocks are lower than its respective all-time highs by double-digit percentages, which tells you there’s a lack of demand for these tickers, resulting in the stocks not going up.

On the flip side, the America 2.0 stocks driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution soared last year!

Take a look at the performance of Tesla (TSLA), Square (SQ) and Teladoc Health (TDOC) — three stocks I predict could be added to the DJIA soon:

TSLA US Equity Chart 2020

All of these companies’ stocks finished 2020 with triple-digit percentages.

This is a complete 180° from the poor performance of the old-world companies currently in the Dow!

So, in order to reach 100,000, the DJIA will need to kick out the lackluster performers that no longer represent where America is headed.

Where to Go for GoingUpness

Looking over those two charts, I believe it’s a no-brainer to pick the fast-growing tickers of TSLA, SQ and TDOC.

After all, the stock market is forward-looking, and the market’s telling us the future is in the mega trends that are disrupting the past, such as electric vehicles, precision medicine and fintech.

Our team is watching these trends, as well as the picks within each that could benefit your portfolio, as demand for America 2.0 funnels in to bid up these mega trends.

And a great way to dip your toes into these exciting new investments is to sign up for Paul’s flagship service, Profits Unlimited.

Paul’s picks in Profits Unlimited are a fantastic starting point that gives you the chance at generating terrific America 2.0 returns to help grow your wealth.

His portfolio is already up double digits in 2021, while the Dow is barely above 0%.

So, if you’re sold on the possibility that America 2.0 picks can supercharge your portfolio, like they will when they are put in the DJIA, then check out Profits Unlimited.

Another way to play into the Dow 100K is with the exchange-traded fund (ETF) ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK), which has exposure to many of the America 2.0 mega trends we follow.

Just last year, this ETF generated a 152% total return!

Either way you play it, America 2.0 is likely to help boost up your returns in your 2021 portfolio.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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