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Drone Tech: Must-Own Stocks Before Christmas

Drone Tech: Must-Own Stocks Before Christmas

Holiday shopping is full speed ahead now … but with an America 2.0 spin.

Instead of packed stores and lines, it’s gone digital.

Nearly 86 million packages are going to be delivered every day to homes across the country.

But I’ve got my eyes on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And I see the innovation coming for this industry with one piece of tech — drones.

This opportunity is so big for you. The disruption for the e-commerce market is set to double by 2025 …. then QUADRUPLE by 2030.

Find out the best way to buy into the “last mile” drone deliveries … before it soars higher with America 2.0 this holiday shopping season:

Top Trade for Drone Tech

Today, I’m sharing details on an America 2.0 technology that’s expected to revolutionize the “last mile” delivery e-commerce business and the top trade to play this tech.  The opportunity is so massive its market size its forecast to double by 2025 and nearly quadruple by 2030. But first, please click the red subscribe button for this YT channel to get instant alerts when new content is posted.

The $10.36T global ecommerce market is red-hot and only getting hotter with rev. forecasts to exceed $27T by 2027.  And this year has been a transformational year for the ecommerce online retail sales market.  From home delivery of pet food to virtually buying a house, today more than ever before, practically everything can be bought or sold online all from the comfort of our sofa.

I recently sold a car to the ultimate America 2.0 online used car retail company. The company happens to be a current stock pick in our Extreme Fortunes stock trading service.  The stock is up a phenomenal 800% since he recommended in March to Extreme Fortune’s subscribers.

So, within a few taps on my smartphone on this company’s website, I received a cash offer that was 62% above offers I got from a local car dealership and brick & mortar used car retailer, that I had to physically drive to.

The experience was like no other, I never had to leave my house. The next day the online retailer came to me and purchased the car right in my driveway.  All I needed was my car’s title, its keys and it was a done deal.  Amazing.  That’s how far ecommerce has come, and its future is bright!

There’s one technology that stands to grow exponentially over the coming years that will revolutionize ecommerce’s last mile delivery market and that tech is drones.

As more people buy items online, shipping demand for fast and on-time parcel delivery is off the charts.  November’s U.S. jobs growth numbers attest to this.

The 3Rs forecast of Restock, Reinventory and Reshore were confirmed as half of November’s jobs growth came from shipping & storage sectors which is the most growth since 1997.

Per Bloomberg, parcel-delivery firms have been operating under peak-season-like conditions for months now. Demand during the peak season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is expected to exceed 86 million packages per day, but there’s only capacity for the delivery of 79.1 million.  This leaves a gap of 7 million packages per day.  This ecommerce trend is not stopping any time soon and that’s where last mile delivery drones come in.

The last mile is the final stretch of a package from the warehouse to your doorstep.

It’s all about that last mile of delivery from the fulfillment warehouse to your front door.  We all see delivery vans zipping around our neighborhoods delivering packages, from Amazon to UPS.

The partnership of drones with delivery vans and the delivery van driver is a tech trend to watch.  Drones will securely hitch a ride on the top of delivery vans, as illustrated in this photo, as they drive through local neighborhoods.  Once at that destination the drone would be become a buddy to a delivery driver helping to carry multiple packages for doorstep deliveries around the neighborhood.

One startup, Flytrex, which manufacturers cloud connected drones, is already doing this with local last-mile grocery delivery. The company’s founder says their current drones can fly up to almost 3 miles and serve 7K to 10K families in a typical suburb. Their next generation of drones will be able to go up to 5 miles away and serve about 15 or 20K families.  Let’s face it most people like the convenience of doorstep home delivery and as seen in this Bloomberg column chart, doorstep home delivery is the most popular way to receive online orders.

And as the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA approves the use of drones for ecommerce delivery the sky is the limit.  So far, Alphabet’s Wing, UPS drones and Amazon’s Prime Air are FAA-sanctioned drone delivery operators in the U.S. with startups like Flytrex hoping to receive FAA approval over the next couple of months.

And just reported this past Fri. by Bloomberg, quote Flytrex has been part of the FAA’s unmanned aircraft Integration Pilot Program (IPP), begun under the Trump administration in 2017. In October (2020) the FAA announced that the program would be rolled into a new initiative called Beyond, which will work to create rules for drone delivery operators to fly beyond the line of sight. Once that happens, [startups like] Flytrex will be able to begin filling suburban skies with drones carrying hamburgers, sneakers and smartphones.

The drone delivery market is receiving regulatory approvals and major support. The global delivery drones and robot market was worth a little more than $10 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13% through 2030 to reach $38 billion by 2030.  A near quadruple increase.

So, to invest in this growing market consider buying shares in the ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF ticker ARKQ.  This exchange-traded fund holds companies that develop, manufacturer and promote drone technology.

Also, check out Paul’s Extreme Fortunes service. It invests in smaller America 2.0 focused stocks with the potential for huge gains.

Not only does the service portfolio hold the 800% open gain winner I mentioned earlier, but Paul also recommends a co. at the very heart and development of drone tech which is currently held in the portfolio.

The world is changing … FAST! That’s why I’m adding stocks for the technology and innovation behind America’s transformation.

Deliveries aren’t the only thing changing — upgrading to new-world digital — in the Fourth Industrial Revolution … home buying, how we communicate, doctor’s appointments.

With 2021 right around the corner, I want to give you every possible chance to profit from this transformation.

Click here to see how to gain access to my America 2.0 stocks now.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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