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Dow 100K + Paul Mampilly’s Small-Cap Secret

Dow 100K + Paul Mampilly’s Small-Cap Secret

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One of the first things I learned when I joined Paul’s team: Turn off the news.

I didn’t understand at first.

And it was hard because I used to watch everything — Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN, anything and everything to learn what I could about the stock market.

Then, I realized what Paul was talking about.

The stock market that the “news” talks about is … irrelevant.

You see, when people on TV discuss the market, they largely refer to stock indexes, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or “the Dow.”

The Dow is an index that consists of 30 large companies listed on the U.S. stock exchange and it tracks their performance.

But here’s the problem with the Dow … It’s the companies it keeps! The reason they are irrelevant is because most of them don’t represent America 2.0.

The index is filled with mainly America 1.0 stocks

The Dow tracks America 1.0 stocks like Exxon Mobil Corp., Boeing Co. and Chevron Corp. These are old-world companies that are losing their value and will eventually go to zero.

They will be replaced with innovators like Uber and Tesla. They will revive the Dow and take it to 100,000! And that’s why we laser focus on the America 2.0 stocks that will push it there.

We’re not interested in the current old-world Dow stocks. We are invested in America 2.0 stocks — they are the fuel that your portfolio needs to skyrocket.

And today, I’ll give you the best tool you need to get the America 2.0 stocks to ride the Dow 100K to the top.

Don’t Buy Another Stock Without This

Gradually, indexes like Dow will catch up and the old-world companies are going to be replaced with incredible leaders of the new world.

And that will lead to the Dow 100K like my colleague Patrick Goodrich told you about in his recent article. That’s where the Dow is headed, from the 24,000 it is at right now.

The best part is — you don’t need to wait for Dow to come around. You can make sure your portfolio is set to bring you incredible gains today.

Recently, Paul talked about his America 2.0 investing checklist.

This checklist ensures that the companies you invest in are the companies of the future.

It will help you pick the ones that are ushering in America 2.0 and are best positioned to bring you the biggest gains.

I want to make sure you have this list right there, next to you, to use as your guide before you buy another stock.

So, I’ve created a printable version for you. Click here or on the image to get your copy.

In essence, an America 2.0 stock needs to hit one or ideally, all three of these checks before you buy.

America 2.0 is going to be led by technology and innovation. The forward-thinking people leading America 2.0 companies are not afraid to speak their minds and chase their dreams.

It’s why we give Elon Musk and Tesla an America 2.0 stamp of approval. He’s not going to stop at fully automated and environmentally friendly cars. He’s going to boldly go where no man has gone before … to Mars and beyond, with his SpaceX project.

We’re not going to stop either. We’re going to continue to hunt down those incredible opportunities in America 2.0.

If you want to invest and get the Bold Profits — maybe even identify the next Tesla — print out this America 2.0 investing checklist before you buy another stock.

Get your free checklist here.

No. 1 Small-Cap Stock for America 2.0 Unleashed

There’s another thing that Paul taught me that you probably won’t hear about anywhere else.

It’s a strategy that’s perfect for today’s market.

You see, the best way to participate in V-rocket recovery is to buy the companies that are going up the fastest today.

These are the small-cap stocks — and they are at the heart and soul of America 2.0.

This is where innovation and risk happen. And the payoff can be huge for investors who recognize this potential!

Paul built a rock-solid strategy around this. And boy is it working. Right now, Paul has six triple-digit winners in his small-cap open portfolio.

And he has his eyes set on a new trade … a little-known company that is steadily starting to tick upward.

He’s issuing the alert for this stock tomorrow. So be sure to click here for all the details on how to get it.

This reminds me of Paul’s advice to turn off the news. While they’re running around in panic mode predicting the end of the world, we’re looking at the facts.

And to us, the future looks incredible.

We can clearly see that we’re preparing to enter an unprecedented super bull economy. And America 2.0 stocks will claim their place at its top.

Click here to see how Paul recommends building your America 2.0 portfolio … starting today.


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing


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