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Dow 100,000 is Coming! 4 America 2.0 Stocks to Buy First

Dow 100,000 is Coming! 4 America 2.0 Stocks to Buy First

Editor’s Note: Paul here! Today you’re going to hear from my superstar Analyst Patrick Goodrich about one of my big America 2.0 predictions. Check out this video I posted to properly introduce you to Patrick. And keep reading for your HUGE opportunities in the Dow’s rise to 100,000 in America 2.0.

 Story Highlights:

  • The Dow Jones is currently filled with many declining America 1.0 stocks you should avoid.
  • America 2.0 stocks will replace the dated companies and surge the Dow Jones to 100,000.
  • Paul Mampilly’s Dow prediction and two ways you can invest in America 2.0 stocks so you don’t miss out on this skyrocketing index.

“Well get the hammer! This piece doesn’t fit. Let’s pound it in.”

This is a classic dad joke my father likes to use when we’re putting together our annual puzzle during Christmas break.

We usually chuckle and ignore his request while we continue to find another piece in a sea of thousands that would fit.

It usually takes the entire two-week break to finish it, but it’s worth it in the end…

If we all liked the finished product — whether it be a medieval castle or mountainous landscape — we’d glue it, frame it and hang it up on the wall.

My favorite, the Mont-Saint-Michel, still hangs at my parent’s house.

A stock index, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is no different than a puzzle.

Each company in the index is like a piece of the puzzle, painting a picture of the strength of the overall economy.

Some fit and others don’t…

Currently, many Dow stocks don’t fit the America 2.0 picture.

But they are quickly being ushered out to make room for the new.

And you can invest in the companies that will replace the America 1.0 stocks and have the potential to push the Dow to 100,000 this decade!

The Dow’s New and Improved America 2.0 Puzzle Pieces

 Since 1896 the Dow Jones Index surged from 30 to almost 30,000!

Yet it didn’t do that with the original 12 companies.

You see, the Dow has been a revolving door for new-world companies.

Today, the index holds 30 stocks. But more importantly, it’s swapped out old-world companies 54 times for new America 2.0 companies.

Each time it replaced a dated company and moved more towards America 2.0 stocks, the index surged higher.

Take a look at the explosive growth after every old-world eviction from the Dow:

Currently, companies like Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp., and Boeing Co. make up a few of the America 1.0 businesses in the Dow that are destined to be replaced by America 2.0 stocks.

These corporations will likely be pushed aside by companies like Tesla or Uber.

Take a look at this chart of Tesla (TSLA) and Exxon (XOM). You’ll see TSLA is about to sweep past XOM in market capitalization — the measure of what a company is worth.

Basically, that means investors are willing to pay more for TSLA than they are for XOM:

That should be no surprise for you!

Tesla is a Bold Profits favorite. And the market is finally catching up to what we’ve been saying.

In other words, the market sees value in Tesla. It’s at the forefront of electric vehicles, robotaxis, and cheaper, more efficient solar panels. Compared to Exxon, that supplies gas to costly internal combustion engines.

As TSLA’s market cap grows, it could take XOM’s place in the Dow Jones.

Since TSLA still has more growth and more innovation to go, I believe it could be one of the many America 2.0 stocks that will enter into the Dow and push it closer and closer to 100,000!

Get the Dow’s New America 2.0 Stocks Today

Now I can’t guarantee that TSLA will take XOM’s place, but what I will stand by is disruptive America 2.0 businesses — that make our lives easier and safer — will soar.

And that’s the main point … as the Dow moves up to 100,000, it’s important to invest in stocks that have the potential to change our lives for the better.

At the beginning of 2020 a study was done to figure out the top ten stocks millennials are excited about for the future … and TSLA definitely made the cut.

As you know, watching the millennial generation is one of our Bold Profits mega trends because they are the future of America 2.0.

And this news is why we’re #BOP (bullish, optimistic, and positive) for America 2.0 stocks.

Now is the time to position yourself in America 2.0 before it soars higher.

So here are the two best ways to ride the America 2.0 wave to Dow 100,000:

  1. Check out Paul’s America 2.0 video update. In it, he’ll tell you more on how we’re going to get to Dow 100,000. This isn’t his first Dow prediction to come true. You’ll also see how to get The Blacklist — a list of 100 companies destined to go to zero and get pushed out of the Dow in America 2.0. Watch now.
  2. Get your copy of Paul’s STUF report for the four best America 2.0 stocks to buy today. STUF is a rare glimpse at the Profits Unlimited STUF stocks represent the future — and three of them are helping push the Dow to 100,000. Read the STUF report here.

The America 2.0 puzzle will bring the Dow 100,000 picture to life. I know it’s a puzzle my family would be happy to hang on the wall.

We are ready for America 2.0!

How about you? Let me know your #BOP predictions for America 2.0. You can find me on Twitter @Pgoodrich6.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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