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Don’t Panic: Navigating the Next Tech Phenomenon

My partner, who was feeding rope out to me while I climbed, had just figured out I didn’t have enough gear to finish my climb.

My mind froze. “Don’t panic,” I told myself.

Below me was 75 feet of rock. Above me were four bolts that I needed to clip on to safely to finish the climb.

One wrong move and I could take a horrible fall.

I’ve been rock climbing almost as long as I’ve been investing. Rock climbing is the type of activity that uses the same skills as investing … to me at least.

Rock climbing can be dangerous. However, if you plan, prepare, anticipate and climb to your level, you get exercise and exhilaration all in one.

Investing too requires planning, preparation and anticipation.

You use your experience, knowledge and market sense. And you take only calculated risks. That way, if you’ve made a mistake, your loss is small.

In both, being calm when things go wrong is critical.

However, there’s only one way to prepare yourself for the unexpected … like what happened to me this weekend.

Tough situations bring out your real personality. You’re either someone who panics, or you stay cool, while using your experience, training and the advice of a trusted partner to get out of your jam.

This time … I stopped at a place where I had a solid stance, allowing my partner and me to work out a way to get me out of my predicament.

No one plans to get into problem situations … but they happen. So you have to make sure you’re with someone you can trust. That’s true for rock climbing and investing.

The Next Wave to Hit Tech

This week, I’ve released a special video report on an incredible new tech phenomenon. This tech phenomenon is revolutionizing the world right now. Countries, companies and groups around the world are organizing themselves to implement this technology.

International Data Corporation, which is one of the leading research firms in the world, estimates that global spending on this technology is going to grow 17% a year.

General Electric, the blue-chip industrial company, estimates that worldwide industrial spending on this technology will be at least $500 billion by 2020.

Networking giant Cisco Systems estimates that 50 billion devices will be linked together using this technology. That’s 100% growth from its current level of 25 billion.

Oil-exploration company Apache estimates that the use of this technology could increase revenues by $19 billion per year.

This trend is so big that it’s going to generate extraordinary winners.

Choosing Your Guide

But finding the right companies isn’t going to be easy. By right companies, I mean the ones that are set up to benefit the most from this new technology.

You will need someone who can guide you away from the losers that Wall Street might try to dump on you. (You can read about that in my special report, 3 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid.)

You are going to need an experienced guide who can help you navigate this incredible new tech phenomenon … so you don’t miss out on getting rich.

I’ve spent over two decades on Wall Street, managing a $5 billion hedge fund and managing big money for elite investors. I know every trick in Wall Street’s book of tricks. You won’t get a better, more experienced guide than me.

So, if you’re the type of person who wants to get in early on what I believe is the greatest tech trend over the last 100 years … then you should watch my video report. It’ll give you all the details and show you how to get my three special reports. This includes the one stock that I believe could go up 900% because of this tech trend.


Paul Mampilly
Editor, Profits Unlimited

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