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Ditch Value Stocks! Growth Stocks are Crushing it!

Ditch Value Stocks! Growth Stocks are Crushing it!

You did it.

You stuck with us and now it’s paying off!

We’ve been saying it all along.

Growth stocks — stocks that fall in our America 2.0 mega trends is the place to be for the most gains.

We’ve stuck by these bullish plays since we started Bold Profits. Because this has always been our vision for America’s most profitable future.

And now … these stocks are dominating this rocket recovery!

If you haven’t bought in yet, the time is now. Our America 2.0 growth stocks are crushing Blacklist value stocks across the board.

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of these HOT stocks as they gain true momentum.

I have just the strategy for this.

In fact, it’s my best performing strategy to date. So if you want the most upside as this V-rocket recovery continues to shoot higher, I have great news for you.

I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Which is why I’m going to be hosting a special webinar event to give you the best shot at a 300% gain in these incredible stocks. Reserve your seat here.

And check out this week’s Market Talk below. Amber and I will give you the four best growth stocks to invest in today:

Phase 1 Reopening: The Economy is Opening Back Up 

U.S. stock futures climbed higher this morning as investors welcomed news that more states are moving to phase one reopening. States like Florida are now entering into a full phase one reopening while Bloomberg News is reporting that California is now 75% open after restrictions eased.

During the lockdown, many would think much of retail shopping was shut down, with the exception of essential items from local grocers. Despite an overall daunting retail sales headline for April, what was underreported was that non-store or e-commerce retail sales continue to defy the odds. April Retail Sales 2020

As this chart shows, April 2020 online sales are booming, jumping 8.4% month-over-month. In all, monthly e-commerce sales totaled $78.4 billion, the highest monthly total on record. This shows that consumer spending demand is still there with dollars to spend. One side of retail that’s booming is re-commerce.

Re-commerce sales “have never been hotter,” as witnessed by OfferUp, an online re-commerce website. The company found itself “well-suited for lockdown’s digital shift.” As reported by, the company’s CEO announced, “What we saw was a huge influx in demand pretty quickly because you can’t get things right now.”

Parents on lockdown with young children were among the biggest buyers in the re-commerce space. They were the best, new customers at the moment. Noting that, searches for games and amusements on OfferUp skyrocketed in the first and second quarters.

OfferUp Game Boom 2020

Searches for puzzles are up 1,000%, above-ground swimming pool searches were up 450%, water table searches are up 300% and other searches for video games and swing sets were up 200%. Also per, consumers aren’t the only ones showing a “newfound interest in the marketplace.”

OfferUp  announced in a March company statement that it received $120 million in new funding and had acquired rival app, Letgo, to create a combined U.S. marketplace with more than 20 million active users.

Turning to the U.S. stock market, as this next chart shows, Bloomberg data is showing that valuations for U.S. growth stocks show a “huge spread over value stocks based on rolling relative price-to-earnings ratios for next year. The gap reflects their competitive ability to make money, something investors are willing to pay a premium for in this market environment.”

Growth Stock Valuations 2020

Growth stocks like the STUF stocks that Paul often touts in one of his latest special reports are the America 2.0 stocks leading the way into next year. We’re speaking of Spotify, Tesla, Uber and Facebook.

Weekly Economic Releases May 2020There are six major releases this week. On Tuesday, April housing starts will post at 8:30 am. On Wednesday, weekly MBA mortgage applications will post at 8:30 am. On Thursday, weekly initial jobless claims and Markit U.S. manufacturing will post at 8:30 am and 9:45 am respectively, followed by April’s leading index and April’s existing home sales posting at 10 am.

Tesla’s Boring Milestone

Elon Musk’s Boring Company just met a major milestone. Phase one of the 4,000 people per hour convention center loop tunnel in Las Vegas, Nevada is on track to open in January 2021. This is huge news for the Boring Company as it continues to innovate and evolve.

Elon Musk Boring Company Tweet

The House Hunt Continues…

Finally, in our America 2.0 update, according to Realtor Magazine, “Google is reporting that Americans are resuming their house hunting online after taking a pause. LendingTree analyzed Google search data to see how popular the search time ‘homes for sale’ is in 50 of the nation’s largest metro areas.”

Overall, searches for the term “homes for sale” have risen in every U.S. metro tract compared to the lows at the onset of the virus outbreak. By the end of April, the number of property searches had rebounded by 54%. The metros with the largest percentage increase in Google searches were Tucson, Arizona, up 164%; Rochester, NY was up 118%; Jacksonville, FL was up 96%.

Homes for Sale Search May 2020

From March to April, Tucson, New Orleans and Miami posted the largest month-over-month increase in property search growth. This house hunting search is happening while mortgage rates remain near record lows for the sixth straight week. The national 30-year average is now 3.28%, versus 4.07% during the same period last year.

Record Low Mortgage Rates May 2020

America 2.0 Recovery is Surging!

America 2.0 and our great country is on a roll. The greatest recovery in our history is unfolding. It’s an America 2.0 recovery just as you laid out. I saw another amazing stat that there have been more than one million brokerage accounts opened during this period of time.

That is one of the many signals, along with what you have been talking about. Nothing that has happened has changed people’s desire to want to own a house. The underlying desire and strength of people to want to buy things because they feel that coming out of this our country is going to be better, greater and stronger.

It’s going to be America 2.0. We’ve been telling people that housing is going to lead us out into this recovery. We see it in stocks in everything from Wayfair to Amazon and so many companies are saying the same thing.

This morning, Visa said the same thing. There has been what he called a digital transition, but we know what he means. It’s an America 2.0 transition. There is this enormous shift to America 2.0 using all the megatrends our subscribers have been in for nearly four years now. Also, it’s now increasingly lead by the millennial generation and following right after them is Gen Z.

Now, we also have the economic part of it. Economic velocity for housing of interest rates being low. Now the federal government is saying they are going to use low interest rates to remake the infrastructure of our country and remake the parts of our country that have fallen so far behind in the “America 2.0ification”, as I would put it.

We’ve got everything on all cylinders coming out of this. The greatest recovery is unfolding and I believe, as I said last week, it’s a rocket recovery. For all of you who have opened up brokerage accounts, if you are looking for stocks to buy I want to tell you about an amazing service we run at Bold Profits.

It’s called True Momentum. It is, by far, one of the best services we have. We added up the gains so far and they are in excess of 900%. It’s beating the S&P 500 by roughly 20% this year. It’s an extraordinary service. We are re-launching it. If you want to be notified the moment it launches again so you can get in, click here to reserve a spot.

It will send you to a signup page so you can get in. Don’t miss out. We have a limited number of slots. If you don’t get in, we will be forced to lock you out. The last day for this is Friday. If you want to get in on the incredible recovery of our country, True Momentum is the way to do it.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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