Disney launched its new streaming service last week. And it knocked the cover off the ball.

On November 12, the first day the service was available, Disney+ signed up 10 million subscribers.

Disney+ has enormous content. Its blockbuster franchises include Marvel, Star Wars and its library of more than 100 movies.

Disney+ is directly attacking Netflix. Since its inception, Netflix has had very little competition. In fact, only two competitors to speak of — Hulu and Amazon Prime.

However, the landscape has changed. Over the next several months, Netflix will face competitors with deep pockets. Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max and Peacock by NBC will join the mix.

Watch my video below. I discuss Netflix’s biggest threat, and I give you my take on which company has the edge on this streaming service battle.


Business is a game of winning market share.

Netflix is now facing strong headwinds. All the competition for streaming content will push prices even higher for everybody.

And Disney’s content is king. Coming out of the gate, it has over 4,000 hours of content.

Full disclosure: I subscribed to Disney’s streaming service, and I’ve had Netflix for years — but I’m a softy for Disney’s classics and its animated movies. We’ll see if I keep Netflix over time.

In terms of the stock, the winner will be the one with the strongest balance sheet. That’s what you should focus on when you consider buying shares of a company.

It’s crucial for you to go over a company’s financial information and make your decision based on what the numbers are saying.

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