D.C. Promises No Changes in 2015

In Hamlet, William Shakespeare sagely noted: “Lord! We know what we are, but we know not what we may be.”

Nevertheless, each New Year’s the media entertains the masses by sooth-saying attempts at predicting events for the next 365 days. Various self-appointed advice-givers inform us what life-changing resolution we should adopt for personal salvation.

As to New Year’s resolutions, you probably never have seen an ominous official website — such as http://usa.gov/ — that boldly claims: “Whatever you want or need from the U.S. government, it’s here on USA.gov.” That includes suggested personal resolutions such as: “Specific, realistic goals work best. It takes time for a change to become an established habit. Repeating a goal makes it stick.”

Perhaps President Barack Obama should conscientiously review that advice from USA.gov.

I say that based on his unsolicited threat aimed at the new 114th U.S. Congress, which convenes on January 6. Before the new Congress even has been sworn in, President Obama warns that he will use his veto power to block initiatives from the incoming Republican Senate and House majority.  There has been no talk of the sort of congressional compromise that President Bill Clinton managed so successfully.

On November 4, the president and his Democratic Party suffered one of the greatest American electoral defeats since 1928 — a clear repudiation of Obama and his radical policies. Unfortunately for the American people, the president, like the Bourbon rulers of France “have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” That memorable quote is from Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, whose name in history is a synonym for crafty, cynical politics.

Hope for Change

For six years the president has claimed a willingness to work with Republicans, even as he denounced them in the harshest terms, rejecting attempts at compromise. Meanwhile, he has blatantly ignored the U.S. Constitution, arrogating unto himself illegal powers the Bourbon kings would envy.

Based on my many years in public office and activity in national politics, I am forced to observe that history is about to be repeated. Americans will likely experience more of the same in 2015 — diminished freedom, false justifications for failed policies, insincere promises to change for the better.

The two leading news dramas will be Obama’s staged clashes with an opposition Congress, and the “who’s on first” presidential horserace, as old, tired and a few new presidential candidates maneuver for our 2016 votes.

Either because of political cowardice or ideological rigidity, both left and right, the real dangers of diminishing civil liberties, a massive national debt and budget deficit, the need for a complete overhaul of a tyrannical tax system, an immigration solution, failing military and foreign policies — all these and more pressing needs — will be ignored or patched over.

There are alternatives.

A Decade of Success

This new year of 2015 sees The Sovereign Society enter its 17th year of successful expansion.

In 1998, the founders of The Sovereign Society constituted a group of some of the world’s most creative thinkers on the subjects of personal and financial freedom, individuals motivated to achieve personal liberty and independence for themselves and others. The aim of the Society, then and now, is to create strategies that individuals can employ to take control of their lives and fortunes away from the ever-growing surveillance and menace of Big Brother.

This massive intrusion of government into every aspect of our lives has led to a rising exodus of the country’s most productive people, as they migrate to political environments that offer greater liberty, strong asset protection, true privacy and lower taxation.

It is no exaggeration to say that The Sovereign Society and its international professional network have aided this steady increase in the movement offshore of individuals, their investments and their assets.

Sovereign Investors

As my friend and our late chairman Jack Pugsley observed: “Those who do these things are choosing individual sovereignty over allegiance to any government. In essence, they have decided to become ‘sovereign individuals.’”

Today the need — your need — for The Sovereign Society is greater than ever before.

Our objective is to find true freedom as well as free market alternatives — safe and private investments; security from crime, violence and confiscation; security for ourselves and our families.

From a nucleus of fewer than 1,000 original members in 1998, we now number more than 302,000 people who regularly receive the free, daily Sovereign Society Sovereign Investor Daily. We would be pleased if you would make, as one of your first New Year’s resolutions, a decision to join our ranks with the many choices we offer. We are here to help you.

We must believe there is hope that we can act to improve things, even though, as Yogi Berra astutely observed, “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

In behalf of all of us at The Sovereign Society, it is our wish that you and your loved ones enjoy the very best of a peaceful New Year in 2015.

Yours for Liberty,
Bob Baumann Sovereign Investor
Bob Bauman JD
Chairman, Freedom Alliance