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Currency 2.0: A Strong Hands Hero’s Journey to $25 Trillion

There we were. All of our faces stacked Brady Bunch-style in our weekly Zoom call chatting about America 2.0 predictions. And then, Ian silenced us all with one statement:

The crypto market is going to hit $25 trillion.


After a couple more minutes of quiet, some head nods, Paul broke the silence: “OK then. Ian, let’s hear it.”

I listened like a fly on the wall. Like I was hearing something that should have been a secret. That’s a LOT of money. And the way Ian was laying out this blueprint for how, why and when it would happen … I knew he was on to something big.

After the call ended, I Slacked Ian right away: “You’ve got to tell me the full story here.”

What he told me was incredible. It’s what started our mission to get you — the Strong Hands Nation — to join the journey to $25 trillion.

And I have to share what he said with you…

A Page Straight From Ian’s Book — First Crypto & Turning Paul Into a Bitcoin Bull


The name echoed through the whole building.

I was shuffling through the crowded room, bumping shoulders with other people rushing to get to their seats. I was just trying to get to the coffee cart before my next session started. And there it was again…


It felt more like a sporting event than an investment conference. And this weird word — bitcoin — felt like a cheer. The excitement around it was clear.

My intention wasn’t to find out about crypto, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. And from that moment, I was hooked.

After 16 hours of conference presentations, I went home and bought my first bitcoin (BTC) at $2,700 a coin (a small price tag when you consider it’s above $30,000 a coin today).

It just made sense to me that the future of money was going to be digital — portable and easier to send without all the flaws in the current banking system. Fees and wait times eliminated.

This was the fall of 2017. It was the beginning of the crazy bitcoin rally. Bitcoin reached a high of $19,783.

I was becoming a bitcoin bull. And I couldn’t keep it to myself. I started flooding Paul with Slack messages. I’d forward him all the research I did on this new world currency — Currency 2.0.

Now, Paul is what you’d call an “early adopter” of technology and new world trends. I was sure he’d be all over bitcoin.

I was wrong.

He was a skeptic! There was too much hype around it. But I didn’t give up. You know when you just have this gut feeling about something? That’s how I felt with bitcoin. This was the FUTURE.

Like other millennials, I felt Big Banks were public enemy No. 1. I didn’t trust them.

And cryptocurrencies would put the nail in their coffin.

I made it my mission to win Paul over. We had so many debates over it, I lost count. Then, finally Paul sent me a message and said he was going to write about bitcoin.

Of course, his first bitcoin prediction was calling the top and the crash … not exactly what I had in mind. But that is the belly of the beast in the markets. Nothing will go up always or go down always. And I learned pretty early on that cryptos — like options — are extremely volatile.

Paul called it mania and told readers to stay away. He was right. Bitcoin plummeted 80% in 2018.

The price was going up like crazy almost every day. He said it reminded him of the “dot-com mania” from the ’90s.

But he knew that there is often something useful underpinning a big mania like the one we were seeing with bitcoin. And that underpinning was blockchain technology.

You can think of blockchain like an online ledger that records transactions between two people or parties, without government, business or commercial regulation or control. Paul was bullish on blockchain, and it had a direct correlation with bitcoin. So, as an experiment, Paul bought bitcoin in 2018.

And he kept researching. He found that people — like me — REALLY believe in cryptocurrencies. And that this could completely disrupt the financial system. It was fast, easy, safe, trackable and backed by blockchain.

And that’s the moment Paul started his journey to becoming a bitcoin bull.

He no longer believed bitcoin was going to zero. He realized it was legit. And the bottom is a good time to buy. So, on December 20, 2018, Paul announced: “I’m calling a bottom … another rally to come!”

The rest is history. And we only got more #BOP — bullish, optimistic and positive — from there.

Just last year, he went on record saying we’ll see new highs — even $50,000. That’s what happened. Bitcoin has reached $64,869 since then.

And we’ve been telling readers about the growing cryptoverse ever since.

— Ian Dyer


OK, I’ve gotta jump in now. As you know, this isn’t my story. It comes straight from Ian himself.

Me? Well, you probably don’t even know who I am … yet! Let me introduce myself and tell you my story…

Hello, Bold Profits Nation!

You actually hear from me every day.

I’m Jaclyn Frakes-Jones, the managing editor of your Bold Profits Daily.

Basically, what that means is when Paul, Ian, Amber, Tamara, Patrick or Nick has something to say, I make sure YOU hear it. I’m in the trenches with these people 40-plus hours a week.

I just stay behind the scenes.

Until now.

I’m stepping out of the shadows and pulling back the curtain! It feels like Clark Kent taking off his glasses and being Superman! And I’m going to take you on a new adventure today.

You hear from the experts every day. But sometimes there’s so much potential in the things you don’t hear, and there are only so many emails we can send you without overwhelming you.

That’s why you’re getting this first issue of Bold Profits Confidential — a behind-the-scenes look at everything the team is watching for your America 2.0 investments.

And for this first issue, we have to shoot for the moon with one of our boldest investments yet.

The cryptoverse.

You may not have heard the story of Ian turning Paul into a bitcoin bull (which is why I shared it!), but you have heard their predictions:

I know, these are big calls. But listen. These guys know what they’re doing. One of these predictions has already been checked off the list — El Salvador announced bitcoin would become its sovereign currency.

Plus, people called them crazy when they said Tesla was going to hit $4,000 pre-split. And then it did.

No one believed anyone could possibly have a 93% win rate in one of the most volatile investments out there (options). And we’re currently holding a Guinness World Record-worthy 34-0 streak. OK, we haven’t actually submitted to the record books, but it feels like we should! 😊 That, in options, is unheard of.

The other guys laughed when Paul called the top, bottom, or when he and Ian pointed at so many milestones in between for bitcoin. And they nailed every one.

So, of course, following the Bold Profits path is not easy. Everyone else is going to be screaming that you’re wrong. But if you can keep your Strong Hands, you’re going to come out on top. Like these folks:

Our mission is to reach average people — like you. Like me. That’s why I’m here.

To me, to us, you are extraordinary. You are heroes taking charge of your life. Investing your way. Being #BOP.

And crypto has the potential to do just that … change your life.

Ian is still the SUPER bull with the biggest predictions. But the whole team is IN it for this crypto revolution with you.

Amber tracks new technologies such as bitcoin ATMs … Patrick watches bitcoin making its way into the Dow to push it across the 100K finish line … Tamara scopes out blockchain plays in the New America Dream market through smart contracts and more … Nick exposes flaws in the old-world medical system that are being fixed with more secure blockchain-backed medical records.

See, it’s not just bitcoin. The cryptoverse is enormous!

And the opportunities are just as big. Now, I know that crypto investing is new to you — at least in Bold Profits. But there’s one sector you know. Another Paul and Ian tag team: options.

Cryptos and Options: Embrace Volatility for Fast, BIG Gains

I know what you’re thinking. What do options have to do with crypto?

Well, the markets are super similar. They can move lightning fast. The biggest part is volatility. You really have to be on your toes to avoid buying into a spike — a sudden and large increase in the price.

Another thing is some of our options plays have a very similar underlying strategy to the one we use for cryptos.

Again … this kind of trading is right in Ian’s wheelhouse. And Paul has given him the lead here.

Ian is looking for momentum. So, when the market is strong, you want to look for the cryptos that are making 52-week highs, just like you would in options. When the market is falling — like it is now — we would want to help you spot the signs of a rebound so you can buy low and ride the gains back up to new highs.

This strategy has been an awesome way for readers to make money in this market.

As you know, there was a “corona crash” last March. But we held Strong Hands! It worked. Check out how Ian helped readers put money in the bank through options trading during all the panic…

It’s been one year of ZERO LOSSES. The last closed loss in Ian’s options service was June 20, 2020. That is absolutely bonkers in any service, much less one trading dozens of options.

Ian’s strategy is undefeated.

And the gains keep getting bigger:

  • 103% in four weeks.
  • 342% in five months.
  • 492% in six months.

This record win streak is 14X better than the S&P 500. NOBODY has achieved this! But that’s the kind of dedication and high bar you get with Bold Profits.

I asked Ian how he thought his crypto recommendations would stack up against this. His response: The gains can be even bigger.

Crypto is a huge part of America 2.0 with DeFi (decentralized finance). It’s totally disrupting and transforming the financial industry.


One example is gold. Gold was the old-world standard of value. America’s favorite safe-haven asset. Well, Paul calls bitcoin “digital gold.”

Historically, during periods of crisis when we lose confidence in the U.S. dollar, gold prices rocket up. Except now in America 2.0, there’s going to be a bid for bitcoin instead of gold. Bitcoin is going to steal gold’s $11 trillion market cap.

Investors who bought when bitcoin had bottomed out stuck through a 50% drop like it was nothing. Why? Because they believed in the future of bitcoin. They’re going to keep holding on with Strong Hands. They’re not selling anytime soon. This is called “hodling.”

Hodl stands for “hold on for dear life.” It came about because bitcoin is volatile. It’s like holding on to a spaceship as it dodges comets and meteors. You truly have to hold on to get the gains. To hodl is to have Strong Hands in the world of crypto.

Out of the 21 million bitcoins in circulation today, about 70% are being hodled by Strong Hands.

And despite the recent bouts of volatility, bitcoin is on a rally this year. Over the past year, bitcoin’s price is up 265% vs. a meager 0.40% gain in gold’s price.

And, like I said, it’s not just bitcoin. The whole world of crypto is creating one of the biggest opportunities in America 2.0. It’s Currency 2.0.

No more collecting coins to fill up our piggy banks (mine will be added to my bookshelf for a nostalgic decoration. No more threat of breaking him open 😊).

As the future unfolds, we’ll have digital wallets to hold our cryptos. And plenty to fill them…

There are now more than 5,000 little-known “altcoins” in circulation.

Just like in our options strategies, Ian only recommends high-quality stocks that you know like the back of your hand. With crypto, you’d focus on the cornerstone cryptos.

In the cryptoverse, the opportunities just keep growing! Plenty of coins have surged 1,000% just in the last six months. There are even some incredible stories of REAL Main Street investors making as much as 100,000% in certain little-known altcoins.

Here’s one of my favorite 10X stories!

Erik Fineman borrowed $1,000 from his grandmother when he was just 11 years old. It was 2011 and bitcoin was worth $12. His brothers helped him invest. At the end of 2013, bitcoin hit $1,200. And Erik made a fortune!

By January 2015, he had his own education company. When it was time to sell, he was given the choice of accepting $100,000 or 300 bitcoins.

He took the bitcoins.

Eric became an 18-year-old millionaire and won’t be going to college. He says he’s happy learning from real-world experiences — including his involvement with NASA.

WOW! I wish I had that kind of courage at 11! My grandparents would have been thrilled!

But as Paul always says, it’s never too late to change your life. And with his and Ian’s predictions, that 10X is small potatoes compared to how big the cryptoverse could be. All you have to do is take the leap.

Start Your Heroic Journey With Currency 2.0 — Trade Like the Pros (Paul and Ian)

I know, I know. I imagine by now you’re thinking, Dang, this sounds like a no-brainer. (Right?!)

Well, if yes, awesome sauce! You’re on your way. And if not, that’s OK too. Investing is a journey. We’re not going anywhere. So, keep reading your Bold Profits Daily and test out the crypto waters.

Everyone needs to understand this: Cryptos are as speculative as it gets.

You most definitely need Strong Hands. The market can be volatile. And you’ll have to ride the lows as well as celebrate the highs.

That’s why we always want you to follow the crypto Rules of the Game:

No. 1: Trade your cryptos through Coinbase.

No. 2: Start with smaller dollar amounts.

No. 3: Keep a Strong Hands mindset.  

No. 4: Keep up with our communication.

Ian did his due diligence testing our new crypto trading strategy. Every beta-test trade that was sold was for gains. He must be trying to compete with himself on that 34-0 options win streak!

And I am looking forward to his awesome results with you folks now that his strategy is live!

Even with the roller-coaster market, the team is #BOP and holding Strong Hands on our predictions:

Paul’s calling for $250K and Ian’s aiming for $350K for bitcoin in 12 months.

The cryptoverse market total? $25 trillion.

This is completely in the cards when you consider how quickly this has already moved. BTC began trading in 2009 and we are in 2021. The crypto economy is larger than the total value of the coins, which is at about $1.3 trillion. Bitcoin’s market cap alone is more than $615 billion.

It’s incredible what’s happened in such a short period of time. From everything I hear from Paul and Ian, I think we’re at the beginning of a huge growth period.

This new adventure into the cryptoverse will go down in Bold Profits history. Don’t miss it.

Here are a few action items you can take right now to start your Currency 2.0 journey:

  1. Open an account on Coinbase. It’s easy and free. You see, cryptos don’t trade like stocks. You need a special account, and we believe Coinbase is the best. We are not paid to say that — but we’ve tried everything else out there, and Coinbase is the easiest. And we want it to be easy for you. Download it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Set up your account. Then just follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be ready to trade!
  2. Buy your first crypto: bitcoin (BTC). This one comes straight from Paul. It’s his recommendation from your Bold Profits Daily BUZZ portfolio. B = bitcoin. And it’s a great place to start for your first crypto. Find bitcoin in the list of available coins on Coinbase and select the dollar amount of bitcoin you want to purchase (NOT the number of bitcoins.) One bitcoin is about $33,443 today. But you can still purchase $10, $50, $100 worth of bitcoin in the app. ALWAYS follow the Rules of the Game before buying anything.

That’s not all.

Sure, action items are great. But I had another idea in mind when I started mapping out the mission for Bold Profits Confidential.

It’s never a one-way street at Bold Profits. And I didn’t want to just say things to you. I wanted to open up a conversation.

You’re the real leaders of Bold Profits. We can share ideas, but you must have the courage to act on those. And you have. Your stories push us to be the best for you.

I want this newsletter to build a community for our Strong Hands Nation.

A place where you can drive the conversation. Ask questions. Share your stories. Inspire each other. Have some fun with challenges, polls, competitions! Be the hero of your own story.

To get things started, let me know what you think of the first Bold Profits Confidential?! What other topics do you want a behind-the-scenes look into? You can tell me at

That’s a wrap for your first Bold Profits Confidential! Talk to you all next time!

Live long and prosper,


Jaclyn Frakes-Jones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Managing Editor, Bold Profits Confidential

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