The Forex market has been called the last bastion of real capitalism.

Unlike stocks or commodities, there is no physical location for the market. Instead, the entire market takes place on the trading desks of currency traders worldwide.

That means every single trade is created just between two traders – trading one currency for another. Period. That makes the FX market one of the most liquid exchanges in the world.

Beyond that, in these times of global economic instability, currencies offer many advantages that you won’’t find in any other market.

First of all, currencies trade 24 hours a day, six days a week. That means you have the opportunity to trade around the clock, no matter where you live.

As a retiree, you could choose to trade currencies in the morning before breakfast. Or you could trade in the evening after you’’ve put in a full day at the office.

Currency trading allows you to trade with leverage. That means you invest LESS money to control more funds – and therefore can shoot for higher returns than traditional stock trading.

Even better, in the Forex market, there’’s no such thing as restrictions on short-selling. You’’re always buying one currency and simultaneously shorting another. That means you can always short currencies just as easily as you buy them – a definite benefit when stocks start to tumble.

And finally, there’’s no such thing as an across-the-market bear market in foreign currencies. When one currency goes up, another one goes up. That means one currency is always going up, no matter what. As long as you are making the right plays, there are always opportunities for profit.

In the Sovereign Investor Daily, our editors cover all the angles of currency investing: from how central bankers can move the currency markets, to what the stock markets of any nation can tell you about their currency.

For the latest on investing in currencies and how to play the Forex markets, let the Sovereign Investor Daily be your guide.

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