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Cryptos: Buy Early for Biggest Gains

Cryptos: Buy Early for Biggest Gains

We’ve hit you with some HUGE crypto predictions this year.

And you know Ian is our biggest crypto bull on the team. Here’s what he’s calling:

But some of you might be thinking: “What is a crypto and blockchain? And why should we be so interested?”

Well, we’re going to answer all this and more today.

I believe the timing to buy cryptos is just right. There are three breakthroughs happening now that will send it to the moon!

But the key — it’s still early. And that’s when you want to get in for the biggest gains. Watch Market Talk now to see how you can:


What is Cryptocurrency?

Today, Ian Dyer, Senior Investment analyst at Bold Profits, co-editor of several trading services and resident crypto guru, is joining us to answer your questions and my questions regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

He’s also going to share three, big breakthroughs he’s watching that will send crypto to the moon and give exclusive details on a new and exciting crypto service he will be starting with Paul soon.

Plus, I will share some details on how you can get your own copy of Paul’s special report titled, “Blockchain Fortunes: The Company that Could Make You 15 Times Your Money.” Please stay tuned for those details.

Ian, hello. Good morning. Good to see you. Thanks for being here.

Ian Dyer: Hey Amber. How’s it going? Thanks for having me.

Amber: It’s going well! First off, Ian, you have very bold 2021 and beyond predictions for several cryptos and blockchains posted to your Twitter account. I have to tell you, you are so resolute in your predictions. They are there for the world to see on your Twitter.

Ian’s crypto, blockchain predictions are as follows: He forecasts Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $115,000 by August and $350,000 overall in this bull cycle, Uniswap will hit $90 and Ethereum (ETH) will climb to $8,000 in this bull cycle.

My first question to you is very basic. What is cryptocurrency? What is blockchain in layman’s terms? Why should we be interested?

Ian: As I’m sure some of you know, there are a ton of different cryptos out there. It’s basically digital value. I can describe a couple of the bigger ones: BTC and ETH. The BTC crypto is a reward for strengthening the network, which is where all the transactions happen.

There are people called miners who use high-powered computers to solve complicated math equations. Every single one they solve makes the network stronger. In order to hack it, you have to solve every equation since BTC was invented. So every time a new one is added, it makes the network strong.

As a result, they are paid BTC as a reward. That’s basically what gives BTC value. ETH is different. It’s basically its own digital economy at this point. It’s budding and very small, but it’s a revolutionary technology. I have described it before as comparing it to Android, the phone operating system.

On ETH, there are a bunch of apps. Most of them are financial, borrowing and lending platforms and even collectible exchanges. In order to use any of these apps, you have to have ETH because all the fees on the transactions have to be paid in ETH crypto.

Holding on to ETH is necessary to use any of these and they are gaining traction really fast. As you can see, the price of ETH set an all-time high in the past couple of weeks and it’s gone even higher. There are a lot of different ones, but BTC and ETH are the biggest. So that’s an idea of what crypto is.

Why Should Main Street Invest in Crypto?

Amber: I appreciate that synopsis. I have a question: Why should Main Street stock investors be interested in the crypto market? In particular, I want to know how this digital currency be a positive addition to their investing life, financial life, commerce life — what can they do with this?

Ian: Anther way I would describe the crypto market is Main Street venture capital. Nobody has ever been able to get into projects this early that are this disruptive and have this much upside. Usually these kinds of investments are reserved for hedge funds or venture capital funds that have a lot of money to put upfront.

Now it’s gotten to the point where Main Street can invest. We are still in the early innings of this. I think the upside here is huge. Crypto is, I think, the best investment you can make at this point. It also plays into the trend of everything going digital, which we’ve been seeing for years now.

Also, more recently, there’s been a push for decentralization, which is also one of the mantras of crypto to have no intermediaries or third parties. That’s the other thing about ETH, all these apps — there’s no bank involved. It’s just person-to-person exchanges of money. I think that’s very valuable and it’s going to get way bigger as we move forward.

Amber: I couldn’t agree more. One of the key terms you mentioned is that it’s early on. It’s a key opportunity to get in on crypto, blockchain in general and the decentralization of the entire market. I have one other question: What three big breakthroughs do you see spurring crypto and blockchain further and letting it reach higher prices going forward?

3 Big Crypto Breakthroughs

Ian: The first one is big institutions getting involved in providing cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is the big one. They have been around for a little bit. They are even starting to offer tons of new coins. It’s opening a lot of doors for the public because the first way a lot of people buy BTC is through Coinbase.

Now they can go and see all these other cryptos and it spreads awareness quickly. Square and the Cash App has had BTC for a while. I think they will branch out. PayPal now has a few cryptos listed. Visa and MasterCard want to allow BTC payments on their network.

BTC is the gateway to other cryptos. I think Visa, Cash App and MasterCard will branch out into others like ETH. That’s number one. Number two is corporate demand. We saw the big news with Tesla buying $1.5 billion in BTC. MicroStrategy has more than $2 billion in BTC at this point.

The demand for billions of dollars from businesses is important to give the public confidence in investing in it. They think if Tesla is investing $1.5 billion in it then maybe I will put some in. I think it’s having a big effect on people. So the second is corporate demand.

Third is decentralized finance (DeFi) which is mainly on ETH at this point. The number of users in this is growing exponentially. It was basically nonexistent a year ago and now there is $40 billion in ETH apps just circulating on these exchanges, lending and borrowing platforms.

That hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, but I think when it does it’s going to be appealing to people. Again, there’s no banks involved, you control everything and it’s decentralized. I think it’s going to be a big game changer for crypto.

Amber: Game changer indeed. I see adoption of BTC and crypto — the sky’s the limit as it goes forward. Ian, I heard through the grapevine you will soon potentially launch a new crypto service with Paul. I wanted to know if you could give us here at Market Talk a sneak peek of what they can expect for anyone interested in buying this trading service.

Ian: This is actually super exciting. I am glad we are doing this. We are in a big bull market now. BTC has blown past its all-time high and it’s going to go much higher than this. Again, we are still early in this. I think a lot of companies will buy in. That’s billions of dollars of demand we haven’t seen yet.

The newsletter is going to be a way to get people involved in smaller cryptos too. It will be mostly trading short term the smaller ones. In my predictions on Twitter I put Uniswap on there. That would be an example.

These smaller coins have a ton of upside. I am definitely looking forward to being able to provide people more information on that. I think it’s going to be a profitable service.

Amber: Awesome information. Thank you for stopping by today and sharing some insights into this market and its great potential. We look forward to seeing you next month when you join us with more. Thanks for coming by.

Ian: Thanks again for having me.

Amber: You’re welcome. See you soon. Again, a big thank you to Ian for joining us today. I hope you learned some new nuggets of information that can help empower your investment life.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

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