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Crypto > Stocks?

Okay. We all know crypto can be kind of intimidating for new investors.

But get this:

This is a first. I mean the crypto market didn’t even exist before 2009.

But that’s America 2.0 for you. Innovation will ALWAYS come out on top.

Intimidated or not, it’s time to start paying attention to all things crypto. That’s why it’s the best time for our new IanCast remix.

Ian is our crypto king at Bold Profits. He even convinced Paul to jump on the crypto train!

Finally, last week he said to the team: “Man there is just SO much happening in the crypto space right now. I need to tell our readers.”

So we decided to give you Ian’s Crypto Corner.

This is where you can get the latest crypto news, learn how to navigate the markets, altcoins to watch and the answers to your questions.

Ian might even make some surprise appearances on other Bold Profits Daily days!

Tell us what you think and submit your questions for next Friday’s Crypto Corner:


Look at the Crypto/#A20 Bulls

As you can see, we are #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) on crypto, innovation and America 2.0 (#A20)… Are you?!


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