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Crypto + Housing: A TOP Growth Market Match!

Crypto + Housing: A TOP Growth Market Match!

Say goodbye to standard homebuying!

Not only that … how you pay rent, mortgages, loan payments…

Cryptos are stepping up to transform the housing market.

Smart contracts, blockchain and even accepting bitcoin as payment are becoming the new norm.

So, now more than ever is a great time to invest before this new way of life goes mainstream in America 2.0.

Check out today’s Market Talk to see how right now:

Housing and Crypto: Using BTC in Real Estate Transactions

Amber Lancaster: Today, Tamara Barkhanoy, Investment Research Analyst at Bold Profits and our resident housing and millennial expert is joining us to share the latest details on the growing partnership of the housing market and cryptocurrencies.

Plus, I’ll share details on the potential growth and how you can invest in this burgeoning market.

So, Tamara, I’ve been reading a lot about the growing partnership between the housing market and cryptocurrencies. For instance, Caruso, a major U.S.-based real-estate firm recently announced that they’ll begin allowing tenants to pay for rent in Bitcoin (BTC).

The firm sees digital currency payments as here to stay and a long-term bet. That’s why I’m glad you’re with us today because I think now more than ever is great time to alert our Bold Profits readers about how more and more folks are using digital currencies like BTC to handle their real estate transactions.

So please share with us the latest developments you are seeing in this market space.

Tamara: Absolutely. We have been talking about it for so long. I talk about it with Paul often. It’s incredible to see how close the real estate market and cryptocurrencies are getting together now. Everything is getting digitized. You mentioned Caruso, it’s not something that’s happening just in the U.S.

For example, in Canada there’s company called Matrix Mortgage. They started selling houses with BTC. They are going to be accepting BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and some stable coins as payments for houses. That is, I think, as America 2.0 as it can get right now.

There are so many benefits to it. First, it’s safer. We talk about it a lot how cryptocurrencies are more efficient and safer. At the same time, there are so many other benefits. It’s hard for us to imagine here in America but credit cards aren’t a big thing everywhere. They are not available everywhere.

But BTC and other cryptos are universal. That allows companies like Matrix Mortgage to get out of the specific market they are in and spread out into less developed markets with cryptos. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not.

According to the company, they accept BTC in their accounts just like they would Visa or MasterCard. That money gets settled and they pay taxes on it just like they would anything else. It’s just slowly becoming the new normal. It’s slowly becoming something I am hoping we are going to see everywhere soon.

In Canada they also have the Canada Mortgage and Housing [Corporation]. It’s sort of like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that we have here. It’s similar to that. They are slowly announcing that they are very interested in bringing the world of crypto — and the efficiency it brings with it — to real estate.

I think more and more companies like Matrix Mortgage are going to pop up on the radar. I think more and more companies are going to start accepting crypto as payment and more and more companies are going to start using smart contracts and blockchain to complete their transactions.

It’s becoming more part of our everyday with this trend. Even in Europe there are companies that are developing the technology to put together real estate agents that are accepting BTC as payment and tenants who are ready to rent who want to pay in BTC.

We are seeing it spread like wildfire and becoming our new daily life. It’s something we are going to be used to using very soon. Because of that, I am very bullish, optimistic, positive on this trend.

Amber: I love the keyword you used there: wildfire. Like you mentioned, real estate agents wanting to learn more and transact in BTC for everyday home sales is becoming its own ecosystem. This is an opportunity of a lifetime in a brand new market. The concept has been around for years but it’s growing more mainstream.

Tamara: I think there are so many opportunities in it for our Strong Hands Nation.

Amber: Thank you again to Tamara for joining us today and for sharing her insights. To put a pin in today’s discussion, the growing partnership of cryptos and housing is on the rise.

For instance, states like Iowa are close to giving legal recognition to smart contracts used for digital currency, like BTC, as more Iowa real estate agents are showing interest in conducting financial transactions using these computer-generated blockchain contract agreements.

And on the housing market front, per, currently 546 properties are available for purchase using cryptocurrencies. We have to note, as with any new fintech transactions, there are advantages and risks.

Per Upnest, the advantages of using cryptocurrency in real estate, include privacy when buying property, easier international and overseas transactions, liquidity in real estate investing, reducing the cost of real estate transactions, avoiding tax on transferring property rights and balancing the security of brick and mortar real estate with the flexibility of BTC.

There are risks as well. Those include no downside protection and hard collateral, they can be volatile and risk of new regulations. But in all, nothing stands in the way of progress and market demand.  All these developments add fuel to the continued mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life transactions.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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