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Crypto ETF Race Reveals Bigger $5 Trillion Picture

Crypto ETF Race Reveals Bigger $5 Trillion Picture

I’m always telling my team to look forward when researching America 2.0 investing opportunities.

And today, the floodgates are opening for crypto!

See, there’s a running scoreboard for new crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) coming — including a bitcoin ETF from our favorite Cathie Wood at ARK Invest.

This has the potential to inject the crypto market with money from institutional and Main Street investors.

Which means a perfect opportunity for you to jump in now and ride the wave up!

Right now, the cryptocurrency market is valued at $2 trillion. HUGE! But it’s projected to get even bigger — $5.5 trillion by 2027.

The race is on, but the big picture is that this is a prime GROWTH market. Check out today’s Market Talk to see how you can jump in:

A new U.S. investment vehicle that could inject the $2 trillion crypto market with a huge amount of institutional and main street investing dollars? Possibly!

Hello Bold Profits/Strong Hands Nation! Welcome to Market Talk Monday

Crypto Market Concerns

Let’s get started.  Paul always tells us on the investment team to look forward when researching investing opportunities. So, I want to give you a quick heads up where the crypto market is concerned.

Check out this Bloomberg table.

Bloomberg U.S. Crypto ETF Race Table

This table gives us a running scoreboard of the U.S. crypto exchange traded fund or ETF race.  This table shows the approval status of various U.S. bitcoin ETFs.

The reason why the data in this table is significant is because it’s believed that fully approved U.S. bitcoin ETFs have the potential to open the floodgates of institutional investing dollars and pour that money into the crypto currency market.  Valued at $2 trillion today, the size of the crypto market is forecast to reach $5.5 trillion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 32.3% per Verified Market Research.

Considering the total U.S. stock exchange market cap stands $51.7 trillion, the crypto market in comparison has room to grow. So back to the U.S. crypto ETF race table.

Bloomberg U.S. Crypto ETF Race Table

This table is divided into two sections.  Section 1 shows the status of physically backed crypto ETFs.  These ETFs hold cryptos like bitcoin and track those cryptocurrencies closely.  There are 18 physically backed crypto ETFs awaiting approval.  Of these physically backed ETFs awaiting approval, I want to point out Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest management firm filed an application for a Bitcoin ETF July 28, 2021 called Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF it’s potential ticker will be ARKB given that firms reach this ETF approval would be noteworthy.

The second part of this table lists derivative based crypto ETFs seeking approval.  There are 10 in total.  These derivative ETFs also known as Crypto futures ETFs stand a better chance of being approved by the SEC first over the physically backed ETFs due to the congressional act they’re filed under. Physically backed ETFs are being filed under the securities act of 1933 which was the first federal legislation used to regulate the stock market.

You see the race for a U.S. Bitcoin ETF took a turn earlier this month when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Chairman implied, he may be willing to approve a Bitcoin futures-holding fund filed under the Congressional Investment Act of 1940 which regulates investment funds. Though not trading as direct as a physically backed bitcoin ETF, bitcoin future ETFs are viewed by the SEC as having more investor protections b/c they are filed under the 1940 act.

So, either way you can see the list of crypto ETFs is growing.  Bloomberg expects at least one Bitcoin futures ETF to launch in the U.S. in the 4Q of this year.  Once this happens institutional investing into these crypto ETFS will pour in leading the way to a more stable and mature crypto industry.  And I can tell you the demand for crypto investing is growing especially among ultra-rich investors.

As seen in this article headline: Bloomberg article headline - Family Offices

The Ultra-rich are turning to crypto after driving the SPAC boom.  Nearly 50% of surveyed Goldman Sach’s family offices are now seeking to add cryptocurrency and blockchain investment to their portfolios.  All I can say is fasten your seatbelts.  Time to head to the moon!  If you want in on this potential crypto market boom, consider letting Ian Dyer editor of our Bold Profits cryptocurrency trading service called Crypto Flash Trader, be your guide.

I’m always keeping an eye on his Crypto Flash trader track record, as of this past Friday’s close I’m pleased to report, Ian’s closed three trades one with a gain of 60.1% in just 14 trading days and 27% in 11 trading days and 17.9% in just over a month.  He has 4 open cryptocurrency trades, all showing open gains except for one.

That concludes this week’s Market Talk Monday. Thanks everyone for tuning in!  Until next time, Take Care!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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