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Coronavirus Set to Ignite This Sleeper Sector to New Highs

Coronavirus Set to Ignite This Sleeper Sector to New Highs

Story Highlights:

  • The coronavirus has paved the way for America 2.0 stocks to shine.
  • One sleeper sector is poised to corner the coronavirus market as the crisis eases.
  • Here’s an investment play that gives you 41 chances to corner the market in one shot.

The woman eyed me suspiciously, sizing me up like a thief in a dark alley.

Except that we were in Publix.

She’d caught me eyeballing the six bottles of bleach and five packs of toilet paper in her shopping cart.

Keeping one eye on me and one on her stash, she pushed past me without a word to grab the last bottle on the shelf.

As you know, my colleague Amber had a similar experience at her local grocer.

Hoarding has become a way of life thanks to the coronavirus panic. And on a superficial level, the outbreak has boosted the fortunes of a handful of companies.

But, the truth is that those boosts will likely to be short term, triggered by the coronavirus panic. Others that are fueled by our mega trends stand to bounce back and see sustained gains as the market — and the nation — recovers.

We’re already seeing the early indications of which sector will have the biggest rebound.

I’m talking about a “sleeper sector” that’s about to roar to life. It stands to gain the most from the “coronavirus effect” on the stock market.

Precision medicine.

This mega medical trend is at the forefront of developing new vaccines, tests and treatments for novel viral pathogens.

And with the uproar of the coronavirus outbreak, precision medicine is going to step into the spotlight as the public searches for a cure. Now’s the time to up your ante in this field, before COVID-19 sends it soaring.

The companies that embrace the rapidly growing precision medicine trend are will thrive.

Precision medicine is producing cheaper, faster and more effective alternatives to what conventional Big Pharma can manufacture.

And what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning. This success will last well beyond the outbreak.

You know what that means from an investment perspective: There’s big money to be made investing in the new Big Medicine.

41 Ways in 1 to Win in the COVID-19 Market Rebound

Except for my brief visit to Publix last weekend, I’ve spent most of the past two weeks working from home and researching the precision medicine market.

What I’ve learned is that, like past health crises, the coronavirus outbreak is leading to an evolution in our ability to contain future outbreaks.

New leading-edge techniques — including new gene-based therapies — are being fast-tracked and tested today in real time.

This is a step toward the new world of America 2.0.

I believe the best way to leverage precision medicine’s multibillion-dollar rise is to buy a basket of the best.

One exchange-traded fund (ETF) is filled with innovative biotech and genetic engineering companies. It’s the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK).

 This ETF holds 41 stocks, all of which are in high-growth, new-world industries such as precision medicine, as well as electric vehicles, 5G, 3D printing and more. So, buying into this ETF gives you a shot at 41 ways to win — with just a single investment.

Keep in mind: Over time, stocks at the heart of the America 2.0 mega trends will outlast the current crisis. Weather the storm and position yourself to capitalize on the market rebound that will inevitably come.

By investing in precision medicine, you can not only help boost the global effort to eradicate the coronavirus outbreak, but profit from it as well.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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