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Coronavirus: Did You Buy or Sell?

Coronavirus: Did You Buy or Sell?

With market volatility and the coronavirus still at the forefront of every news outlet, it can be hard to remember the best strategy for this market.

Strong Hands.

And we’ve received messages from our Strong Hands readers, such as Eve, holding on courageously through the tough times:

“Dear Paul and the Entire Fab Team,

“Just a quick note to express my utmost gratitude and confidence in everything you ALL are doing during this crazy market time! ;-)

“I am still completely ecstatic about my amazing portfolio! 150-plus positions and growing.

“Thanks for your late/long hours, tenacity and thick skins, as I’m sure that fear has generated some not-so-positive emails from worried friends.

“I for one feel so well taken care of following your bonsai trimming of our positions as the market changes every day. I learn so much from you all!”

And Dave wrote us:

“Thank you to you and your team at Profits Unlimited and True Momentum. My portfolio has grown more than $100,000 in the past year thanks to your advice. Your newsletter and podcasts have kept me calm and steady, even when the talking heads said I should panic.”

Tracy wrote:

“I’m up on every position and have maintained my Strong Hands even when we have had market blips. Kudos to Paul. He has a winning investment strategy which I’ve found second to none. I’m a happy subscriber … Paul seems to have the same type of ability that Wayne Gretzky had.

“Experts in hockey determined that Wayne had the ability to know where the puck is going to go and not to where it has been, and this is what has made him the greatest hockey player EVER! Paul’s philosophy is the same, and his research takes us to where things are going rather than to where things are now.”

Thanks for writing in to show your Strong Hands!

We want to know from all of you: Have you sold your shares recently, or are you holding Strong Hands in the stock market? Take the survey here:



We’ve seen this panic selling before. In 2016, Netflix plunged 40% on investor pessimism. Now Netflix is up a whopping 243% from its low. Those who sold missed out on this incredible rebound.

Now, Paul sees the same pessimism happening with the coronavirus. And he doesn’t want you to miss out on the truly huge opportunity he sees coming with America 2.0.

If you need a little guidance in finding your Strong Hands, we’ve got you covered. Paul wrote a blueprint for finding your Strong Hands and success in the stock market. Click to get your 2020 investing road map here.

Opportunity Over Panic: The Best of Bold Profits

A down market doesn’t mean a lack of opportunity. We’re here for you during these market moves to find you the best of the best. Take a look at what we found this week:


Your Bold Profits Team

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