Total Wealth Symposium 2016


About the Event:

At the 15th Annual Total Wealth Symposium, you’ll hear from an all-star roster of 25+ experts who will reveal:

Offshore investment opportunities
International tax strategies
Asset protection secrets
Investment banking havens
Foreign real estate
And more…

Our panel of experts will reveal their own blueprint for protecting and growing your wealth so you can determine the best path for you regarding your investment goals and timeline. All in a straightforward, no hype, and non-confusing manner so you can make your own decision based on information that’s sound and unbiased. That’s why the 15th Annual Total Wealth Symposium is unique. You’ll be able to discover offshore investment opportunities, international tax strategies, asset protection services, investment banking havens and much more, all in one place… and all of which you can implement immediately.


“I needed this symposium. I have been to several groups trying to learn how to invest & Sovereign is the best! I will continue to grow with the assistance of Jeff Opdyke.” – Jeff G.

“This conference was excellent and diverse. I appreciate the variety of views.” – Tim W.

“The globally renowned speakers at this event gave me a clearer vision of my financial future.” – Ron S.

“The speakers were patriotic Americans who showed a real concern for America’s future and ours.” – Bill C.

“Overall, Total Wealth Symposium was a wonderful experience with great & knowledgeable speakers.” – Steve R.

“Jeff Opdyke’s presentations were outstanding and I want to hear more from him.” – Stephanie C


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