From industrial metals, rare-earth metals and high tech bioplastics, to corn, beef, and fresh water, commodities are the fuel that keeps the global industrial engine moving. With a rapidly expanding global middle class, demand for these materials grows by the day. From China gobbling up rare earth metal supplies to weather ruining wheat crops in Russia, commodity prices are subject to a world ever-changing influences.

In general, commodities are far more volatile than equities, foreign-exchange or fixed-income products, and the moves up can be dramatic. The moves down can be huge as well. A drought could ruin wheat crops in Russia, or China could cut-off access to its rare-earth metals supplies. Both events would send prices soaring… By contrast, a 100-year supply of natural gas or a bountiful corn harvest would drag prices down…

Commodity prices are subject to a world of ever-changing influences. But there are great opportunities to profit on both the upside and the downside of these swings

Our editors at the the Sovereign Investor Daily are here to guide you through the constant deluge of market noise and show you where the greatest opportunities lie. Be it investing in commodity options and futures, or identifying what oil and natural gas plays are set to hit it big, the Sovereign Investor Daily will help set you on the right path for commodity success.

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