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Chips & Blockchain Buys for New American Dream

Chips & Blockchain Buys for New American Dream


$10 trillion.

That’s how much is set to be disrupted from America 1.0 real estate.

The culprit behind this disruption: blockchain.

It’s going to create the NEW American Dream and surge 1,223% by 2025.

[Check out the details about a little-known company at the center of the blockchain revolution here.]

You see, disruptification is a sign of change — and change almost always goes hand in hand with incredible opportunities.

Blockchain will do to mortgages what the internet did to the stock market. This technology has the potential to streamline all of your real estate transactions with smart contracts — and take their security to the next level.

We’re on our way to my 2021 prediction that 60% of home purchases will be done through smart contracts this year.

If you top that with our other incredible mega trends, you’re looking at a massive opportunity.

And keep reading to see how to gain more exposure to blockchain and semiconductors in America 2.0!

Here’s how you lock in a near 230% gain on a single stock.

Invest in the future … the industries transforming the old world … America 2.0.

I can’t think of a better example than Zillow (Nasdaq: ZG).

This company completely changed the way we buy homes — something almost every American strives to do.

It took an old-world formula (physically run from house to house to see if you want to buy) and remade it for the new world, taking the process online.

And, yes. Paul’s Profits Unlimited readers anticipated this revolution and are sitting on an almost 230% win in just over two years! (See Paul’s strategy here.)

Now, we’re looking for the next wave of growth for the New American Dream that can lead you to 2021 profits.

And I have two opportunities for you today.

In 2021, our mega trends and America 2.0 technologies will push the Fourth Industrial Revolution forward, taking the stock market to new highs.

Which is why I have two exciting predictions for the real estate market … and two best ways for you to take advantage of them in your portfolio.

Prediction No. 1: Virtual Showing Boom = Top Chip Play

In 2021, I believe 80% of house showings will become virtual.

This year, the trend of virtual tours was accelerated.

On average, people see 19 homes and spend around 124 hours looking for their American Dream.

The old way meant going back and forth between these houses, possibly taking a day off of work or a weekend away from family. You’d need to drive around, sit in traffic, maybe even hop on a plane to relocate!

All of that is gone if we’re going virtual.

Companies like Zillow report that the amount of people using 3D tours has tripled since March!

What’s even more impressive is that their surveys show that one out of three adults now say they want to use virtual tour tech to buy a home. And 36% want to buy homes entirely online.

Just imagine — you can see a house and decide whether it’s right for you without ever setting a foot in it.

This is telling.

Zillow is an unparalleled giant in the real estate industry.

80% of homes in the U.S. have been viewed on Zillow, regardless of their market status! So seeing the huge boost in virtual touring, I believe it’s only a matter of time before it spreads throughout the whole sector.

The best way for you to benefit from this virtual boom is through semiconductors.

Chips are vital to support virtual showings because they are needed to create the technology behind them. Every augmented/virtual reality set, every camera that captures the rooms for realistic views — it all needs superior semiconductor power!

With the U.S. chips projected to soar over the next few years and my prediction for a virtual showing boom, you stand to make big gains on the way up.

Here’s what I recommend: Buy VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (Nasdaq: SMH).

This ETF will give you exposure to the most innovative technologies in the virtual reality space.

Prediction No. 2: Smart Contract Surge = Blockchain Buy

Now that we’ve covered picking out a house, let me tell you about the final step in the homebuying process.

The deal.

The final step in securing the New American Dream is signing the papers. And blockchain-powered smart contracts are the future for this step.

It will give us a safe and efficient way to buy or sell houses, without worrying about spending time or money on unnecessary steps in an old-world process.

And the world is catching on … there are more and more small companies that are moving property transactions into the world of smart contracts.

That’s why I believe that 60% of property purchases will be done using smart contract technology in the next year.

Now, you might think it’s bold. But just think about it…

Last year, more than $1 billion was lost in the U.S. due to fraud associated with buying a house. For example, people would hack real estate agencies and give buyers the wrong routing numbers.

It can take about 30 to 45 days since you apply for a mortgage until the closing — all because of unnecessary time spent on loan approvals, escrow, and other time-consuming steps.

In the world of smart contracts, things are different!

Because blockchain is decentralized, nobody can tamper with the data stored through a smart contract. That will make closings efficient and secure, eliminate extra people, time and money wasted.

The best way to profit is to get right in the center of this blockchain-fueled boom!

I recommend: Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (NYSE: BLOK).

This ETF follows companies that are developing the latest and greatest blockchain technologies, and I have no doubt it will be a winner for you!

2021 is going to be your year — the Strong Hands Nation’s most profitable!


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

P.S. I’ve told you today about how blockchain can transform the housing industry with smart contracts. But that’s not all. It could transform nearly every industry on the planet. I’m talking crypto like bitcoin and Ethereum … voting …. health care. These are trillion-dollar industries that blockchain stands to disrupt. And you have the opportunity to invest now before it all unfolds. Paul put a full report together on this. He’s found what he believes is the best way to take advantage of the blockchain revolution. Check it out here.

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