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Chips and Builders: 2 Buys for 1 Industry Surge

Chips and Builders: 2 Buys for 1 Industry Surge

Story Highlights:

  • Virtual reality in real estate will be worth an astonishing $2.6 billion by 2025!
  • Millennials are pushing this tech home boom to a 14-year record level.
  • Two ETFs (semiconductors and homebuilding) will see a huge boost higher in this tech-fueled housing surge.

Imagine a world where you can see your future home before it’s even built.

You can walk through it, decorate it, and make it your own.

Virtual reality (VR) makes it possible.

VR puts you in an artificially created environment, shutting off your current surroundings. It’s so realistic it feels like you can reach out and touch the walls.

You can tour dozens of listings in a matter of hours anywhere in the world!

It is a complete game changer that will shape the future of the real estate business. It saves money for both the buyer and the agency and allows for almost unlimited customization of a property.

This is great news for millennials. We’re always looking for easier ways to buy.

And by investing in our millennial real estate mega trend, you stand to make a ton.

With more than 90 million millennials hitting their prime homebuying years, the America 2.0 housing market will be a BIG investment winner.

We are already seeing it — in July, new home sales in the U.S. went up 14%, hitting over 900,000 units. That is the highest level in almost 14 years!

And there are two tickers you can buy today that stand to benefit from this tech housing surge.

1,400% in 3 Weeks in the VR Home Tech Boom!

America 2.0 is here and Paul’s prediction for a housing double is already unfolding.

It’s not just a renewed interest in the American dream sending it up. It’s that the market is embracing new VR tech that is making it easy (and attractive for millennials) to buy a home.

Some of the biggest real estate companies are using more and more virtual tours.

One reported that it saw a 1,400% in traffic for virtual tours on its website earlier this year … in just three weeks!

Another digital real estate giant reported a 750% increase in its 3D virtual touring in just one month!

This industry is on track for phenomenal growth.

In fact, 75% of U.S. adults prefer a virtual tour option.

According to some reports, VR in real estate will be worth an astonishing $2.6 billion by 2025!

That tells me the time to buy in is now … taking profits on the way up.

2 Tickers for the VR Housing Surge

There are a couple of ways you can buy into this now.

These picks will give you full exposure to this phenomenal boom, and I believe they will be massive winners in your portfolio.

VR Housing Buy No. 1: VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (Nasdaq: SMH).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) gives you exposure to the critical piece of technology needed for any VR development: chips.

Semiconductor chips to be exact.

Several of the companies included in this ETF are involved in developing various VR tech, so it gives you great exposure to this soaring mega trend.

SMH is up 24% this year, and I believe it will surge even higher!

VR Housing Buy No. 2: iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (BATS: ITB).

It is becoming so much easier to tour and buy a potential house … I have no doubt more and more people will make that crucial step towards living their American dream.

With this kind of demand, we’re going to need more houses!

That’s where this ETF comes in. It will give you the opportunity to profit from the construction and building of new homes. Already up 26% this year, and hitting new 52-week highs, I believe this ETF will be an incredible play to benefit from the America 2.0 boom.

Buy in now and hold tight!

VR tech is going to continue to transform real estate as we know it and bring us American dream 2.0 returns!


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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