Charles Del Valle, co-editor of Strategic Investment.

A self-taught, 12-year veteran of the financial world, Charles has interviewed individuals such as Steve Forbes and the CEO of, Patrick Byrne.

In the past five years, he fine-tuned his market skills even more, mentoring under investment experts in options and technical analysis, value and income analysis, and sentiment analysis.

Charles has combined all of these approaches to come up with the best ways to play the market for Strategic Investment subscribers, resulting in recent gains such as 62%, 68% and 118%, to name a few. In addition, Charles left his previous employer with an investment strategy that led to nearly 100% winners during the recent market crash.

Charles is also an avid car and technology enthusiast and a firm believer that the government has its hands far too deep into the financial markets, and that a smaller and less-intrusive government is what we deserve.

He lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his wife.