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Catch the 400% White-Hot Biotech IPO Boom

Catch the 400% White-Hot Biotech IPO Boom

Editor’s Note: Happy Monday Bold Profits Nation! Paul here. I told you exciting things were coming to your Market Talk. And we’re getting the ball rolling today. Amber and (introducing her amazing furry sidekick and Profits Unlimited staple Alex) jump right into one big opportunity we’re watching today.

It’s a hot market and she’ll highlight the huge success we’ve seen by investing in it — including a 400% gain on a biotech company. And tomorrow, I’m going to be releasing a new trade that I think will eclipse that 400% winner. Click here to make sure YOU get access to this live buy alert first.

And keep reading for your Market Talk 2.0!

— Paul Mampilly

America 2.0 is going public!

Right now, the market’s filled with opportunities to get into stocks hitting the market for the first time.

Investing in a company’s initial public offerings (IPOs) is one of the best ways to lock in massive gains.

And one of the most promising IPO sectors is biotech. Biotech IPOs are averaging an 80% return from their offer prices!

We’re seeing signs pointing to a robust IPO market unfolding now, which is big news for America 2.0 investors like you.

In today’s Market Talk, I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain at our internal investment call when we talk about the big IPO opportunities brewing this year.

If you want the best chance at getting into these groundbreaking gainers and want to know what the Bold Profits team is seeing that shows us why now is the time to buy biotech IPOs, watch Market Talk 2.0:

Welcome to Market Talk 2.0!

The first segment of the new Market Talk 2.0 is called Three Golden Nuggets. This is where you will get a behind-the-scenes eavesdrop. These recordings will reveal three bullet points derived from our meetings so you can see what we are discussing internally.

IPO Market is on Fire

Last week we saw a very sharp rebound in U.S. household consumer spending. In all, per Bloomberg, consumer spending “rose 8.2% from the prior month, the sharpest increase in more than six decades’ worth of data, after falling by the most on record in April.”

Moreover, last week U.S. May orders for durable goods surged the most in almost six years as demand for longer-term goods like home appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, tools and transport equipment rebounded. Orders jumped 15.8% after a decline of 18.1% in April.

Another market that’s on fire is the IPO (initial public offering) market. Check out this astonishing headline from IPO Pro. So far, in 2020, biotech IPOs now average an 80% return from their offer price. This is huge news.

As they put it, “The 2020 IPO class closed Wednesday, June 24, with an 80% average return from the offering price, a historic run up for the year’s 23 development-stage drug developers. The group has averaged a 36% pop on day one and then 35% from there. Every biotech IPO this year has either priced above the midpoint or upsized its share offering.”

Strength in Fintech and Housing IPOs

For the IPO markets I would like to say that for the first half of June we saw a lot of healthcare stocks come to market. Tomorrow we have Progenity and Repare Therapeutics which are continuing on with the healthcare trend of IPOs.

Royalty Pharma is another big one I can think of which is probably the biggest IPO of this year so far. However, I still believe going forward we will see more fintech and insuretech companies go forward. That’s because with sector rotation I see a lot of strength in fintech stocks.

The FINX ETF, which is a global fintech ETF, is seeing it. It hasn’t made all-time highs yet, but it is very close. I think we’ll probably see more of those. Like we said last week, with Lemonade coming in and filing for IPO, if they do really well I think a lot of other private companies will probably follow suit.

Also, branching out, we had AZEK Company, which is an outdoor patio builder. We’re going to start seeing some housing IPOs come out as well I believe. Not that we are going to see less of healthcare IPOs, but I would say more fintech and housing are possible.

3D Printing is Going Green

A new discovery opens the door for more money possibilities. For years, petroleum-based materials have been used to 3D print products. Not much longer.

Scientists have developed a way to use adaptable bio-based soybeans for 3D printing.  With this, I must give a shout out to two Bold Profits, Strong Hands Nation Twitter followers. Gourmet Creations, aka Stacie, and Hannah. They framed this new discussion this way:

Stacie noted, “Anything that replaces any kind of chemicals is nice to hear. We are all moving forward in every industry in our future.” Hannah proclaimed, “Wow. Thank you Amber for sharing. It is amazing how fast America 2.0 is growing. America 2.0 and always BOP.” Which, by the way, stands for bullish, optimistic and positive.

America 2.0 Update

Per the National Association of Homebuilders, fewer homebuilders are cutting home prices as a result of the pandemic. To quote:

“In a further sign that a housing rebound is gaining momentum, fewer builders are lower prices as a result of the pandemic. Last month’s housing market index survey revealed that just 22% of homebuilders nationwide cut prices in April 2020.

“This month’s survey reveals that the share of builders using prices to bolster sales dropped even lower in May, down to 15%. For historical context, as seen on the chart, 49% of builders cut prices in March 2008 in the midst of the last housing recession.”


Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

P.S. Are you excited for Market Talk 2.0? We’ll be checking in on you frequently to make sure you get the very best from our team. And you can always email us at Alex and I will be watching the inbox for any stories, suggestions or questions you have!

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