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Bye Dirty Dow! “Green” Bitcoin for Digital Dow

Bye Dirty Dow! “Green” Bitcoin for Digital Dow

The California Gold Rush in the 1800s led to mass migration to the West Coast in search of riches from the yellow rock.

And it morphed into a billion-dollar industry. It was a pivotal moment in American history.

Even today, mining has a spot in the current Dow.

3M — a current juggernaut in the Dow Jones — was formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company…

Another dirty Dow company, Caterpillar, makes mining equipment.

When I mean dirty, I’m talking about the 32,000 tons of CO2 per ton of gold produced in 2018 for just gold mining, according to the World Gold Council.

That’s approximately the same as 6,300 gas cars driving in a year.

But America 2.0 has the answer.

A much greener cleaner way where there’s zero CO2 emissions while mining for another form of a store of value. This industry isn’t worth billions, but trillions!

This way of digital digging will disrupt the old dirty Dow while also placing the “mine” in the very palm of your hands.

It’s time for the digital financial frontier!

Crypto Could Bring Forth the Digital Dow and Send It to 100K!

Blockchain technology put a spotlight on the importance of decentralized networks to validate data.

The most commonly known blockchain is the bitcoin network.

The bitcoin network is run by nodes, also known as miners, which are computers running the bitcoin software.

“Blocks” are made up of all the transactions made on the network. Each miner competes to add a block to the blockchain.

Once an accurate block to the blockchain is successfully added, a miner is rewarded with bitcoin.

There’s only a finite amount of bitcoin, which makes it scarce, similar to gold.

Like any business looking to make a profit, these miners are incentivized to bring down their costs, especially their electricity costs running the computers.

While skeptics say bitcoin miners are using unclean fossil fuels to power their computers, long term, it would be more profitable to use clean, renewable energy.

Clean energy in the right places can be cheap and reliable.

When El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender, they also announced they would mine bitcoin using the power of a volcano.

It’s like “green” bitcoin!

The constant heat from Earth’s core powering a steam turbine to create electricity doesn’t emit any more CO2 already being emitted by the natural forming volcano, while also being rewarded with the scarce resource — bitcoin.

Many places around the world can tap into natural sources of power to keep the bitcoin network running while collecting value in bitcoin without releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.

It’s a cheaper, cleaner — America 2.0 — way of mining.

So, it only makes sound business sense to gravitate towards mining this way.

This is why I believe for the Dow to reach 100K in America 2.0, bitcoin miners or the makers behind bitcoin mining equipment could replace current America 1.0 companies, such as Caterpillar.

You Don’t Have to Mine to Make Millions

I know running the bitcoin mine is complicated, time consuming and competitive, but rewarding yourself with the chance at mining millions in the cryptoverse is none of those things.

For years my colleague, Ian Dyer, and I have been studying cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

Reading about it, watching it and at times trading it.

Since late last year, Ian has beta tested trading cryptos with phenomenal success.

He was able to close out 32 winning trades in five months with an average gain of 55%.

Talk about an incredible track record!

And now these opportunities can be yours with his new research service Crypto Flash Trader.

Ian will let you know which cryptos are seeing demand, ready to move, so you can ride the crypto curve higher.

Click here to see all the details now.

Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptos are here to stay…

Taking a cleaner, greener and more profitable America 2.0 Dow to see 100K this decade.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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