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Buy Now! Become a Biotech Millionaire

Buy Now! Become a Biotech Millionaire

If I had to choose one sector to trade in for the rest of my life…

It would be biotech.

By far, it’s one of my favorite sectors because the potential for massive gains is HUGE.

I’ve seen small-cap biotech stocks that were only trading for a few dollars skyrocket to triple digits in no time.

Check out this week’s video to find out three ways the biotech market is aligning to bring you major profits — plus, the single best way to buy in today.

Bold Profits Daily
October 1, 2019

Hey everyone. This is Paul with your Bold Profits Daily.

Today I want to tell you about an incredible trade that’s setting up right now. You know, as usual, I have three reasons why I believe now is a perfect time for you to get in on this. Those of you who have followed me know I love biotechnology stocks.

To me, if I could trade just one sector I would choose biotechnology because the moves are so huge. You can have stocks go from single digits to triple digits in no time. This is why I really consider biotechnology a wealth-creating sector. One good biotech market, particularly in the small stocks, one of those good markets and it’s game over.

You don’t need anything more than that. Back to this phenomenal trade. Here are my three reasons why right now is the moment to get into biotechnology.

Reason one: We are coming out of a three- or four-year bear market. Go back and look. Back in 2012 you had this enormous biotech market. Even if you bought an index you would have made 200-300%. Go back and look, we have done this work. There were so many stocks that went up by thousands of percent.

That market peaked out by 2015 and it’s been hovering around. That is a great sign. It means the low-price stock has been sucked in. Now as demand comes in people are forced to bid it up higher. That is music to my ears and music to your portfolio. It means stocks can go up.

Reason number two: If you follow biotech, you know there is a mini cycle that goes on around conferences. There are these big conferences like ASCO, which is the biggest conference. It covers cancer drugs. Every company tries to get their studies to finish so they can announce their results at ASCO.

For that to happen, you have to set everything up right about now. That means that between now and ASCO you are going to see a lot of results announced. They are all announced prior to ASCO and then presented at ASCO. As rumors start to get out of this drug working and this drug starting to do this, you tend to see these moves up in these stocks that can rocket stock prices higher. So number two, the timing is right.

Reason number three: Between 2015 and now we have had some extraordinary developments. For example, the cost of sequencing a genome is plummeting. It will soon be at $100. There is so much more genetic information out there that is influencing the way trials are done, the way people are taking medications, how things get prescribed and how diseases are being diagnosed.

In other words, there is a revolution in between the bull market ending in 2015 and now. That, I believe, is going to act as kindling for these stocks to rocket up. You know I always like to shamelessly plug you my services. I can tell you we are planning a biotech small-cap special for my Extreme Fortunes publication. We will be sending you emails to let you know how you can get information on this. Look out for it.

In this special event, we are going to give you three stock picks that fit what I mentioned earlier. These small stocks that are sitting like coiled springs waiting to explode higher. We hope to make hundreds, if not thousands of percent, in a snap. Of course if you’re not interested in that and you would like to buy in right now I would tell you the best way to do it is through this kind of stock called an ETF.

It’s like a fund that has a lot of different stocks. This is my single-best ETF or stock to recommend for those of you who don’t want to buy individual companies. It’s the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE: XBI). The cool thing about this ETF is that it is equal weighted.

All the other ETFs, the bigger companies have much larger weights. In other words, if a small company goes up it never moves the needle enough. Here, the small companies are weighted the same way as the big companies. This means when a small company jumps 50-100%, this jumps as well.

So the XBI is my Bold Profits Daily for you today. If you like this channel, subscribe to it. Give this video a thumbs up, share it with your friends and family. I’ll have another incredible Bold Profits for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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