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Buy Into New Energy’s Momentum NOW

Buy Into New Energy’s Momentum NOW

Momentum is building behind alternative energies:


Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Battery storage.

All these innovations and more tell the world that we’re moving toward an America 2.0 new energy future.

I’ve been using EVs since 2017 and just got a Tesla Powerwall installed to use alternative energy in my home.

More and more people are joining me every day! Demand is high, and that means certain stocks will soar as this energy revolution unfolds.

Find out how you can invest in the new energy revolution RIGHT NOW below:

This mega trend is so big, I have more for you.

You can check out my full video presentation on how one new energy tech could be 10X bigger than EVs.

Energy Sources at Tipping Point

When I come across industry newsletters or people who are giving away information, I just sign up.

I find getting a lot of points of view separate from the market or company, just independent researchers looking at a technology and the progress being made in a field, when you start to read a lot of this you start to form a picture. I sent you this article from this research firm.

I know you follow them too because I have seen you tweet information from them — IDTechEx. I had to do one of those emojis with my eyes like “What?!” It said by 2024, which is just three years from now, they feel that based on the progress being made by Waymo and Cruise that we are going to be at complete autonomy.

If you read the regular media they are saying this is going to happen in 2040 or 2045. Here is a specialist research firm that I read their work regularly that is telling you based on actual data from the California Department of Transportation, 2024. Whoa.

That’s a huge jump in expectations relative to what the vast majority of people in the stock market are thinking. Then when I add on an additional element, which is that I go by what Tesla is doing. Tesla started earlier with their autonomy. Second, their database is based almost completely on actual real miles driven, including some of mine.

I have been using Autopilot for more than three years now. I can tell you it has jumped in capability in terms of what it can do. I don’t even have the latest version of it. If I put those three things together, if Waymo and Cruise are on track to deliver this in 2024, well for Tesla it must be imminent.

It’s got to be 2022 or early 2023 because they started earlier. They have way more data. I personally from using the actual product have seen the jumps it can make in its ability to make turns and go across intersections. It does feel a little white knuckle because you are unsure.

But the more and more it does it you realize it never skips a beat. It knows exactly what to do and does it without any distractions. Sometimes it brakes and I wonder why and it’s because it has seen something or observed something that I actually did not notice.

It has capabilities that are much better. I sent you statistics in preparation for this Market Talk. The devastation caused by car accidents and car fatalities around the world is an extraordinary number. It’s more than one million people. A large number are younger people because they are often less experienced in handling a car.

Then also as we have societies around the world that are getting older, this is going to become a critical part of technology. Bottom line is that there is always some technology that advertises to the world that we are moving on from a previous generation to a new one.

I think once people really start to see autonomous cars everywhere — like right now, no one is really surprised if they see a Tesla. They’re not even that surprised if you see some of the others. Like I know BMW has an electric vehicle out there. Nobody is shocked by that.

I got my very first electric car in 2012. I had a Volt. Back then I remember people walked up to my garage and asked what was attached to my car. They were talking about the charging cord. It was an incredible novelty.

By the time I got my second one, which was a Tesla, people were curious by they were much more interested in the falcon doors than the EV. Imagine being on the street and somebody is on their phone and it’s OK. The computer is in charge. That will be a head spinner for a lot of people.

A lot of people will say, “This is different.” We are now arriving into a different generation and a different version of the world than what we had before. I am incredibly BOP as you know and our readers know on America 2.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This new world has been sitting there for the entire time we have had Profits Unlimited. For those who are new to our channel, Profits Unlimited is our flagship newsletter. It goes for under $50. If you want a longer timeframe, it’s more than that. We focus exclusively on these opportunities.

Things like self-driving cars, EVs, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence. If you are interested in that, click on the strong hands. That will send you to a three-minute ad on Profits Unlimited. Going back to what I was saying, there are also other things going on.

I have been very proudly showing people this and I am going to do it again. I recently got a Tesla Powerwall. This thing is genuinely also like Autopilot and autonomy. In real time at the moment we are recording this, this is telling you where I am getting my power from.

The top one is the solar. You can see right now I am feeding my Powerwall because I used it last night. That’s where I got all my electricity. Then, the rest is going in my house. Once it’s done filling up my Powerwall it will start to supply the grid. My utility company will now credit me for the power I send to them.

There’s a revolution going on in driving, which is mobility. It’s a big deal. For us to go anywhere we have to transport ourselves. This is a big part of human life. It’s a big part of the economy. And then energy. I mean we couldn’t have any part of our modern lives without energy.

Tesla is revolutionizing that. In the process, you can see a lot of other companies that are also understanding this world is changing and we need to change now and get in on this incredible opportunity. I am working with our publisher on putting together a marketing presentation on another company that does a little of what Tesla does.

That’s something that we hope to release later this year. Amazing, incredible things are going on in our world that I still think the stock market does not account for. The last thing I will mention before we get to questions, I have been closely following what is going on in New Orleans.

When there is an event, I want to know what’s going on. As you know, there are more than one million people in Louisiana without power. I saw this news story in my daily news scanning and it said that the traffic lights in New Orleans are working. I thought, “That’s odd.”

Virtually all of New Orleans is dark. There are only small pockets that have power. I thought maybe they have some special preference for them to be connected. No. It turns out the traffic lights in Louisiana are powered by solar power. I sent you this tweet, maybe we’ll put it up.

This lady asked a perfectly good question: “Why can’t everything run on solar power?” I just thought if more houses had solar power, if they were undamaged or even if some part of their house was habitable, some of them would have power to charge their phones to be in touch with loved ones or do a number of things.

Versus the house is there but it’s something that has no capability. It does point you to this old and new world. I truly believe we are going to see over the next three, five or seven years that new neighborhoods are going to come with solar power on the roof. It’s going to be something that’s a default.

It’s also going to come with some integration that’s a storage device. First small, and then it will lead to what I am doing now. The grid exists as just one source of power. These are just two examples. Electric vehicles and autonomy and the solar and storage are great examples of things you can actually see changing our world right now.

There are so many others. I could go on for hours. We could talk about crypto and blockchain and their application to mortgages that are coming. And artificial intelligence. However, we would be here for days. You know I can just talk and talk and talk.

Nonetheless, I am very bullish, optimistic, positive — BOP. We have gone through a six-month correction in our stocks. It looks like it has ended. We are starting to see a lot of interest come back into our stocks. People are starting to buy these stocks and bid them up.

We can see it on a day-to-day action. I think our portfolio is up something like 12% or maybe 14%. Yea, not every stock is up. However, as I like to point out to people who come to troll me, people compare us to the S&P 500. There are 500 stocks in the S&P 500.

I don’t think they have every single one of those 500 that are up. We have something in the range of 40 stocks. Every portfolio is carried by its winners. I’m still very BOP on our America 2.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks. I think post this painful correction we could go on a multi-year run.

You could see our stocks go through a period where many of them will just keep going up and keep going up. Our Strong Hands Nation is going to be rewarded for what has been a difficult period of time. You definitely have to have some courage, belief and conviction to go through those moments.

When those moments come, when you go read MarketWatch or Yahoo! Finance, they are not confirming you. They are telling you it’s all over, it’s the end, forget it, this is a bubble. You will see the benefit of being in our Strong Hands Nation and holding through.

No big gains come in a week, a month or without enduring significant volatility. The markets always make you earn it. You have to have those strong hands.

Will Selling Pressure Kill Rally?

“We are in the last quarter of the year where a lot of investors start to sell their losses for tax purposes. Do you think this will kill any rally this year?”

I believe most people sold earlier this year. People are just buying in. You would face that on a short-term basis if you had a big run and people have profits to take. However, we are just beginning. Secondly, I have to say this is not the kind of thing we focus on because our timeframes are much longer.

In general, in most of our services we say a minimum of one to three years. Sometimes even longer because big money is never made in a year or a week or a month. It comes over time. Nonetheless, Profits Unlimited has been around for five years now and we have been annualizing at nearly 30%.

I can see people might have gains, but this year I see less selling pressure on our stocks because they have had such a difficult six months. It suggests people have been selling rather than buying. If they are selling, they are going to have small gains.

It’s only us who have been sitting around in these for a number of years who will have these large gains. I don’t think we have enough people quite yet in the Strong Hands Nation to make even a small imprint on our stocks.

Is Ethereum the Ultimate Crypto Buy?

“If most alt coins are built on Ethereum, wouldn’t it be prudent to just own Ethereum and call it a day?”

It certainly is a perfectly acceptable thing you could do. As you know, we own Bitcoin as well as Ethereum in the Profits Unlimited portfolio. We recently added a third. I won’t mention it. It’s caused some controversy among our Strong Hands Nation. Nonetheless, it’s our third coin.

There’s definitely a case to owning Bitcoin and Ethereum and saying, “Whatever else happens, I have my participation.” My study of markets suggests that the vast majority of returns in the long term come from a few big winners. The vast majority of long-term gains in crypto will come from the top 10 or 20 winners.

For sure you know Bitcoin is going to be around five years from now and 10 years from now. If that’s right, it’s going to be much higher. I feel pretty good about saying the same thing about Ethereum. Now, there are other blockchains. Blockchain is such a large megatrend development that there’s likely to be more winners.

For a lot of people, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the third one we added might be enough.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. I love this car, but in the next few months, I believe it will be as obsolete as the Model T.

Paul Mampilly Tesla Model T

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