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Buy Moment for Medical Mushroom Revolution

Buy Moment for Medical Mushroom Revolution

It’s been a breakout year for America 2.0 medicine.

We have mRNA vaccines thanks to precision medicine.

Doctors are seeing more patients through virtual telehealth appointments.

Blockchain medical records that make it safer and easier for you and your doctor to store your entire history.

All in all, health care is keeping up with modern times — which is good since it’s a top priority for many people around the world.

And you’ve been investing in the mega trends making it happen … precision medicine, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Now, I’m going to tell you about the NEXT big leap in America 2.0 medicine.

You know that in order to make big money in the stock market, you must get in early for growth.

That moment is now. Global health care spending is estimated to reach $10 trillion by 2022.

And the next big medical breakthrough? Hint: It was one of Paul’s five weird future trends to watch this year…

Medical mushrooms.

America 2.0 Medicine in Action

Mushrooms have a bad rap because they are associated with the 1960s and ‘70s drug culture.

The truth is, there’s a revolution going on in the use of psilocybin and mushrooms with regard to mental health.

Just look at how far cannabis has come.

Not long ago, people were seen as criminals for smoking marijuana. Now, it is being prescribed to thousands of people worldwide.

Clinical trials have been conducted and have found that medical marijuana can reduce stress, pain, PTSD and many other crippling diseases.

Because of this, marijuana companies have sprouted up all over the world as they recognize the huge demand.

The next leap is medical mushrooms.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working closely with numerous companies to help bring medical mushroom drugs to market. There are quite a few already that are catered to certain illnesses or diseases.

In 2019, a psychedelic drug called esketamine was proven to treat depression. This was a huge turning point that helped psychedelics be taken seriously by doctors, patients and the whole medical community.

Psilocybin — or more commonly known as “magic mushrooms” — is now being tested for the treatment of various cancers, mental illnesses as well as neurological and substance abuse disorders.

Studies have shown that 1 in 12 American adults had a substance abuse disorder and that one in five had a mental illness. That’s more than eight and a half million Americans.

If psilocybin can help cure and treat this, it would be an amazing and huge step in the right direction.

Companies that are testing out these promising new world treatments can see astronomical growth in the stock price once it is FDA approved.

Future Trends = Buy Today for Big Gains

You might think it’s too early to consider investing in this space. But that’s exactly the right moment.

Paul put it this way:

There is an entire group of stocks working on this field. It’s going to be something that, like cannabis and other things that were once laughed at and not taken seriously, one day you will see there are some fairly large companies that have generated thousands of percent of gains associated with psilocybin because they are able to improve mental health.

Buying stocks in companies that are partnering with health clinics and medical universities in search of cures will give you the potential for huge gains.

It’s speculative, sure. But that’s Paul’s bread and butter.

It’s how he likes to personally invest. And it’s part of his Secret Portfolio strategy.

He’s already added two stocks to the model portfolio that are poised to benefit massively from new world medical mushrooms.

We believe the drugs going through trials as we speak are going to work wonders for millions of people around the world. All we have to do now is wait.

Just like how prescriptions for medical cannabis are being prescribed by doctors, so too will medical mushrooms such as psilocybin.

To see how to get the companies Paul recommends and others that are leading the way in America 2.0 medicine, check out his No. 1 speculator’s strategy here.


Clint Lee

Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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