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BUY THIS: Blockchain-Backed Stock for New American Dream

BUY THIS: Blockchain-Backed Stock for New American Dream

If you’re an investor, there’s one word you should always keep at the forefront of your mind.


It simply means that something — be it a company, an industry or a trend — is changing the old in favor of something new, better. In other words, it’s disrupting something.

Disruptification is a sign of change — and change almost always goes hand in hand with incredible opportunities.

Today, I have a big one for you.

Blockchain is about to disrupt real estate as we know it … creating the new American Dream.

To put that in investing opportunity terms, there’s nearly $32 trillion worth of residential U.S. real estate … ready to be disrupted.

Blockchain is prime to surge 1,223% by 2025.

This technology has the potential to streamline all of your real estate transactions — and take their security to the next level.

The America 2.0 level.

By investing in this technology now, you are positioning yourself at the heart of a revolution that can bring you massive profits!

The Smart Upgrade Backed by 92 Million

Millennials — the huge generation of 92 million — made up almost 40% of new home buyers in 2019, and that number is supposed to grow to over 50% this year.

With demand this high, supply will follow — increasing the number of closings and deeds signed.

We’ve talked about this before: getting a mortgage involves too many steps. It’s inefficient, time-consuming and simply unsafe.

That’s where blockchain comes in.

As you might know, blockchain is the impenetrable thread behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blockchain disrupts the old process with something called smart contracts.

Unlike a traditional paper transaction, smart contracts make sure that you complete your deal fast and safe.

There will be no middleman. There will be no room for error. No unnecessary fees.

Let’s say you want to buy a house.

In America 1.0, you would need to find an agent and an escrow agency to deal with all the paperwork, negotiations and oversee every step of the deal.

This can take months … involves too many people … and costs you a lot.

Enter smart contracts.

When you find the house you want to buy and the person agrees to sell it to you, that agreement is coded using blockchain. It contains all the terms of the deal.

Once the smart contract is put into place, it cannot be changed — so you don’t have to worry that the seller will try to scam you, take your money, and not give you the house.

Blockchain will also take care of encrypting and verifying everything, making sure there are no leaks or trust issues going on.

And once the agreement is upheld and you pay what you owe, the contract gets executed! The house ownership is transferred and cannot be disputed.

Easy, fast, safe.

Blockchain’s impenetrable technology is completely transforming the real estate market.

It’s one disruption you will definitely want to invest in as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Buy This for Your Blockchain-Powered Gains

With demand surging and more real estate transactions happening, blockchain will power an increasing amount of smart contracts.

That’s why I found the best way for you to turn that into gains in your portfolio.

I recommend buying the Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF (Nasdaq: BLCN).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) will give you exposure to companies that are making blockchain as common as the internet itself and pushing its technology forward.

But if you want more, we’ve got you covered there too.

Paul recommended a smart contract stock that he predicts will soar 300% during the America 2.0 real estate boom. But that’s not all.

He also has another blockchain superstar that he predicts will soar 1,500%!

These gains are all possible because of the blockchain revolution that’s taking off now, right in front of us…

Click here to see his full predictions and unlock Paul’s two blockchain stocks in the Profits Unlimited model portfolio.


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Editor’s Note: Blockchain is like no other technological revolution we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s replacing the decades-old foundation of virtually every industry in the world. Everything you do … every bank transaction … every shipment tracked … every record made, will be recorded on a blockchain network. And today, there’s a brief window of opportunity for you to invest in the one company at the forefront of this mega industry. Click here for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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