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Bitcoin’s Bull Market: 3 Signs Point to Buy

Bitcoin’s Bull Market: 3 Signs Point to Buy

Bitcoin’s rally is coming.

I see three huge factors that make this the most bullish time for bitcoin in its history.

Sure, bitcoin’s had mega rallies in the past that were, at the time, unbelievable … such as when it surged 55,021% in 2013. Or the time it jumped 9,420% in 2017.

But every time it rallied, it gained investor confidence.

And now, I believe we’re heading towards a massive bull market for bitcoin.

In IanCast, I predicted that it would hit $115,000 by August. That’s an 850% rise by next year!

Today, I’ll tell you how we recommend buying in for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Factor No. 1: Corporate Demand

Bitcoin (BTC) is not just for millennials looking to get rid of cash (I mean, that’s a good reason to buy too), but it’s more than that.

Now, businesses are showing demand.

One major company (Square Inc.) just swiped up a massive $50 million stake in bitcoin.

Valued at about $80 billion, it was the biggest company to buy such a large amount of bitcoin.

It’s not the only one:

  • Tech company MicroStrategy Inc. invested $425 million in bitcoin, which is actually more than 25% of its entire market value.
  • A $10 billion hedge fund bought 10,000 BTC, worth about $115 million.
  • Crypto asset manager Grayscale owns nearly 450,000 bitcoin, totaling over $5 billion.

Adoption by institutional investors and corporations is just gaining traction. And they already own nearly 3% of all bitcoin in circulation.

Factor No. 2: Scarcity With the Halving

On May 11, a major event happened with bitcoin.

The halving.

This means there’s less bitcoin to go around since the supply was literally cut in half.

In fact, only 911 BTC have been mined daily on average since the halving.

Between this and the sudden interest from big buyers, we’ve hit a sweet spot in supply and demand.

New supply is scarce and new demand is high.

You can see the clear effects of this by looking at Grayscale’s investor inflows:

More buyers coming in while the coin is scarce is going to have a serious effect on bitcoin’s price.

Factor No. 3: Bitcoin Makes an Exit From the Exchanges

Bitcoin has been flying off of exchanges over the past 7 to 8 months:

Since March, 405,729 BTC has been taken off of crypto exchanges.

Right now, the exchanges only hold about 13.7% of all BTC.

When people take bitcoin off exchanges, it’s likely because they want to hold on to it rather than trade.

We saw the same thing happen in 2016 before the massive 2017 rally.

This time, it’s happening on a much larger scale, and it’s clear that people are holding on for the long term.

Of the 18.5 million bitcoin in circulation, more than 11.7 million haven’t moved in over a year. Nearly 5.9 million haven’t moved in over three years.

What makes this even more impressive is that these were Strong Hands investors.

The price crashed from about $20,000 all the way to $3,200.

It’s rallied since then and the Strong Hands still have their bitcoin ready to ride the bull run higher!

How You Win in the Bitcoin Bull Market

These three factors are pointing to a massive rally for bitcoin.

People are taking digital currencies a lot more seriously now. Even governments and central banks are exploring the idea of implementing them.

Bitcoin is the future of money in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And our strategy for this is to: Build the machine that makes the machine!

So to buy into bitcoin’s bull market, we recommend investing in the technology that makes bitcoin possible.

It’s called blockchain.

And it could disrupt every industry on the planet.

Click here to see how to invest in blockchain before it — and bitcoin — takes off higher.


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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