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Here’s How The Business World Is Experiencing Revolutionary Change

Here’s How The Business World Is Experiencing Revolutionary Change

“What are you writing about these days?” my friend Jenna asked me recently.

I told her about my recent articles on changes happening in so many industries right now.

“Ahh, you’re writing about disruptification,” she said half-jokingly.

I laughed for a second. And then I realized she’d come up with the perfect word — disruptification — to describe what is going on in today’s business world.

Disruptification means that nearly every field in the business world is in the middle of a massive, transformational change.

These disruptions are upending the old ways of doing things. And in the process of doing that, they are going to wipe out the businesses that depend on these old practices.

That means if you’re an investor open to investing in change, this is a time of great opportunity. And for other investors who keep insisting on the old ways … it’s a time of incredible peril.

One set of investors stand to make once-in-a-lifetime fortunes, while the other set stands to lose their fortunes.

Now, if you’re an investor open to investing in change and incredible opportunities … here are the areas you should be investing in right now.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

If you’ve been reading my articles in Winning Investor Daily or are a subscriber to my services, you know I believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the opportunity of a lifetime.

That’s because the IoT gives a kind of intelligence to the things around you.

For example, I have a Nest thermostat in my house. This thermostat learns my preferences for when I want my house heated and to what temperature. It also knows when I’m away, and turns down the heat when I’m gone. It can also optimize my temperature settings for cost savings or comfort.

After a year of using Nest, I can tell you that my bills are going down. Some months the bills have dropped by as much as 30%. In addition, I love not having to fiddle with the thermostat all the time.

Cities are IoTizing roads and bridges. Water companies are IoTizing pipes and pump stations. Electricity companies are doing the same to wires and substations.

The IoT is revolutionizing how we use things around us. By collecting data and analyzing it for efficiency, cost, comfort, safety and other preferences, we’re making life safer, better and cheaper.

This is why the IoT mega trend is a huge focus across my services.

A Health Care Revolution

Another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is unfolding right now is happening in health care with precision medicine.

Precision medicine is going to transform medicine by matching our unique genetic codes to the information that we are collecting about our health. So now when you are diagnosed with a disease, you’ll get a drug that’s a perfect fit based on your genetic code and the particular symptoms you are showing.

The big difference for you between the old way and the new way is this: The new way gives you a higher chance of getting the right diagnosis and drug based on your unique information.

The benefits are going to be better health, fewer side effects and a cheaper health care system that more people can afford.

Incredible Change Is Coming to the Business World

Now, there are opportunities like this unfolding in every sector of our economy right now.

In finance, it’s the emergence of blockchain and mobile payments.

In energy, it’s a shift to natural, sustainable, renewable energy that is local, storable and portable.

In transportation, it’s a shift to electric motors and self-driving cars, trucks, ships and planes.

In food, it’s a shift to local, organic and natural food and meal kits.

For retailers, it’s a shift to online shopping and brands that cater to the millennial generation’s preferences.

In building, it’s the coming use of building blocks and modules and 3-D printing.

Incredible change is coming all at once.

For investors who are open to investing in these changes in the business world, and who are in the right stocks, it’s a time of incredible opportunity. For those who stay invested in the old ways, and the companies whose technologies and products are based on the old ways, they’re going to lose their money as these companies are wiped out.



Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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