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Bubble? No Way! The Biggest Opportunities in 2021

Bubble? No Way! The Biggest Opportunities in 2021

There’s a lot to be thankful for this year!

You are at the top of my list.

And we can all be thankful that our mega trends have shined.

Some people think we’re in a bubble.

We’re not.

This is a major acceleration! It’s made it possible for America 2.0 upgrades such as: working from home, telemedicine and new energy.

As you prepare for 2021, I want to make sure your portfolio is in the best shape to face the market’s up and coming attractions — SpaceX, precision medicine, crypto…

This opportunity is once-in-a-lifetime. Watch today to see how you can seize it now:

What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Before I say anything at all I want to wish you, your family and loved ones a happy Thanksgiving. 2020, as everyone knows, has been a difficult year with the pandemic, the crash and all the different things going on that bring a lot of stress into our lives.

I definitely feel like this is the year when my pre-American understanding of what Thanksgiving is comes into play. I’ve told this story before about when I first came here as an 18-year-old kid to study in college. I had no idea what Thanksgiving was about and had no idea of the historical story of Thanksgiving.

I took it for what the word meant — Thanksgiving, a day of thanks. That’s always sat in the back of my mind every time we go through Thanksgiving. Ultimately, it’s a day of thanks. I have always thought to remember the people in my life who I want to give thanks to on this day.

I hope on this day you feel some of that too. I am thankful for all our subscribers and our incredible team that does so much for me and for you. I want to give thanks to all of them as well. I also want to remind you that coming up soon we are going to be doing a special Market Talk with my amazing colleague Amber Lancaster.

Our 2021 Stock Predictions Are Coming!

She does Market Talk every Monday. We are doing a special predictions edition that is going to be airing on December 7. I am going to be with some of our amazing team. Ian Dyer who I do the Iancast every Friday, Patrick Goodrich, Tamara who is also on our investment team and, of course, Amber will be there as well.

That’s on December 7. So mark your calendar. Today, I am going to keep it light in terms of investing and talk about three of the things that are continuing to go on with respect to everything that matters to investing. We have been talking about this all through this year and for many years now.

There are two worlds that are unfolding. One is America 1.0 — the old world if you will. These are the companies, products and services that are increasingly in rapid decline and taking their companies along with it and will take their stock along with it too. These companies, as many of you know, are in retail that is dying or have gone completely.

That rot is spreading into other companies. You can see it when you look at the prices of ExxonMobil and Wells Fargo and others. You can see their businesses are starting to struggle and their stocks are starting to struggle. If you are keeping up with us, you will see that the alternatives to these companies are really starting to emerge and become bigger and bigger.

More and more people are adopting them. I believe we are going to continue to see that for the rest of 2020. You are going to see an acceleration of all the trends that have accelerated as a result od the pandemic, whether it be work from home, telemedicine, adoption of new energy through electric vehicles, autonomous driving and all kinds of new alternatives.

One of the things that is talked about very little is the emergence of precision medicine. Just today — I’m recording this on Monday — we have gotten news of a third vaccine with a 90% effectiveness rate. The reason for that is precision medicine. We are able to finely tune what we do in terms of being able to create a vaccine.

You will see over the next one, three, five or seven years, precision medicine is going to mean we will have better drugs and better diagnoses. That is going to significantly increase the benefit that we as humans are going to get from healthcare that is determined by precision medicine.

This is just one of the many, many trends that are unfolding right now and radically transforming our economy. We talk about this all the time in terms of technology megatrends like Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and new energy.

Then we have new things going on that are given very little attention by our media. For example, over the last couple of weeks we have seen Elon Musk’s SpaceX take four astronauts into space. This is one of the first times this has ever happened.

We also had a second event in space where a second space company was able to recover a significant part of its rocket that was used to deliver satellites. We have all these extraordinary things — vaccines with 90% efficacy, unheard of and impossible in the old way of doing things.

We have rockets that are going into space and coming back so we can reuse them once or twice. SpaceX is talking about reusing them at least 10 times. In other words, they are completely altering the cost of going into space.

Then we’ve seen the adoption of electric vehicles. There are now in excess of 10 companies making electric vehicles and are going to be increasingly available. There are huge advances in Autopilot, IoT, AI, blockchain. You can see Bitcoin being adopted at faster rates. The price is now near $18,000.

Any number of cryptos are now starting to push out new innovations that are going to completely wreck the old world of finance, insurance and the old monetary system. A new one is going to be formed that is going to take value and market capitalization from the old world and America 1.0.

We will have some specific predictions that I will come to on December 7 for our predictions special on Market Talk on December 7 and so will all my colleagues. The bottom line is, we have an extraordinary amount going on. There are many people that might lead you think this is a bubble that is going to end imminently.

And that you should get out and prepare for a crash. I would tell you the opposite. I believe we are in the early stages of this and we are going to see an acceleration even from here. You are going to see more change come. With it, is an extraordinary opportunity to make a phenomenal amount of money.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of it. At the same time, it also represents a massive risk for people who are invested in the old. I would tell you the vast majority of people are invested in America 1.0 companies. The S&P 500, which is supposedly “the market,” is filled with these companies.

So this is an opportunity if you know what’s going on and understand what’s going on. If you are interested in our views on how this is unfolding, I suggest our Profits Unlimited newsletter. There will be a link if you want to check it out. This goes from $49 to $99 a year.

We exclusively focus on America 2.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution, megatrends. That’s my Bold Profits for today. America 2.0 is accelerating. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is accelerating. It’s going to become more and more visible as 2020 finishes out and 2021 unfurls.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar, set your YouTube notifications and tune in to Bold Profits Daily on Monday, December 7.

The whole team is getting together (virtually of course) and we’re laying out our BIGGEST 2021 predictions.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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