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Be #BOP on 3D Printing With 3 Massive Breakthroughs!

Be #BOP on 3D Printing With 3 Massive Breakthroughs!

Big gains never come exactly how you want or when.

I’ve been in the market for 25+ years and I’ll tell you this: Stay #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) with Strong Hands.

The kind of gloom and pessimism we’ve been seeing is exactly the mood that big bottoms are formed around. And that means the next stop is up.

Nothing is a 100% guarantee. But there’s one mega trend that I believe you won’t want to miss.

3D printing.

And today, we’re going to share THREE incredible developments in 3D printing with you.

These innovations have the potential to reshape the medical industry as we know it — from organ transplants to cancer treatments! See it all here:


Amber Lancaster: Hello Bold Profits Strong Hands Nation. Welcome to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel. 3D printing is a Fourth Industrial Revolution manufacturing technology that is transforming how objects are made today.

From 3D-printed concrete houses and their interiors, as seen in these recent images from a 2021 award-winning home in Germany, to 3D printed parts now installed and working 24/7 in a U.S. nuclear power plant reactor. The $12.6 billion 3D printing market is making waves.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. It’s the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. As sees it,

“3D printing is destined to transform almost every major industry and change the way we live, work and play in the future.”

Of course Paul sees 3D printing as the investment opportunity of the 21st century. He already has his top 3D printing investment recommendations at the ready. They are picked out and ready to ride this opportunity more than any other moment in history.

Now, to help spread awareness on 3D printing’s growing adoption across various industries with a special focus on medical breakthroughs, today Dan Shifflett — junior investment analyst and key support analyst working closely with Paul on several trading services — is here to follow up on a great article he wrote on July 15, titled “1 Sector to Surge with 3D Printing.”

Hello Dan. Good to see you.

Dan Shifflett: Good to see you too, Amber. Thanks for having me.

Amber: So glad you are here. Of course you can visit us at to sign up for our free investment e-letter. Let’s get started.


3D Printing Organs

First off, Dan, the global 3D printing products and services market is projected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2020 to $37.2 billion by 2026. In your July 15 article, you recognize the growth potential in 3D printing.

For today, can you please share with our viewers three, 3D printing medical breakthroughs that are happening right now?

Dan: Absolutely. The first one is organ printing. The second topic I want to talk about is research. The last would be pharmaceuticals. In the article I mentioned we are 3D printing organ cells such as kidney and liver cells, but not a whole organ just yet.

cell article

But it’s definitely in the works. It seems very possible it will happen in the near future. We have even been able to print a cardiac sheet that beats just like a heart would. That’s amazing it can print sheets of cardiac muscle and cells that can actually beat like a heart.

It’s just a matter of time before everything comes together and you can 3D print a heart. I believe there are more than 100,000 people on transplant lists. So once you are able to 3D print these organs there are going to be countless lives that are saved.

That’s awesome. I’m not sure when it will happen, but it seems like it will happen sooner rather than later.


Researching with 3D Printing

Next is research. Just like I mentioned we can 3D print organ cells, you can also 3D print tumor cells and cancer cells.

Bioprinting article

With that, since you can 3D print them, you can have an abundant amount of research right in front of you. You can 3D print all these cells and do all sorts of testing and diagnoses.

You can see how cancer cells grow, how they metastasize, how they originate and determine what sorts of treatment will work best for each type of cancer. If you want to try radiation for one type or pharmaceuticals for another, you can figure out what’s going to work best in terms of research.

It would not surprise me in the slightest if we find a cure for cancer and 3D printing is a huge part of that. That’s exciting.


How can 3D Printing be used in Pharmaceuticals?

Lastly, we have pharmaceuticals. Just like how you can 3D print these organ cells, you can 3D print pharmaceuticals.

pill printing article

You can have a massive supply of drugs on hand. We have people who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every month for their medications.

If you were able to 3D print medication, it can drop the price down for a lot of people. A lot more people will be able to afford their medication. That is going to be huge for people. Additionally, you can 3D print capsules with time releases on them or extended releases.

For a lot of people a doctor gives them a prescription and says they need to take a pill four times a day, or even once a day, for the rest of their life. If you have 3D printed capsules with time releases it’s not far fetched to say you could take one pill once a day, a week or month and over time it will slowly release that medication.

Medication compliance will be through the roof for a lot of people. You won’t have to worry about taking it every day or multiple times a day. Maybe you can take it once a month. I think a lot more people will be more compliant with their medication.

Amber: That time release capsule idea is fascinating. That could really transform and change people’s lives who are dependent on medication for survival. You mentioned cells, research, as well as pharmaceuticals. I see 3D printing changing medical production as we see it.

Medicine is an imperative part of our survival. 3D printing is as the helm of that. Dan, thanks for sharing these details with us. It’s so fascinating. I appreciate it.

Dan: Of course. No problem. Thank you.

Amber: See you soon. Take care.

A big thank you to Dan for those enlightening 3D printing stories. It’s so promising to hear these breakthroughs and how they can better our lives as we move forward. 3D printing technology is not only transforming major industries, the ability to have a 3D printer in your home to print objects of your choice is there too.

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting a great group of Profits Unlimited subscribers in person at a special event we had here. One member, Michelle from Idaho — hello Michelle — shared that as a high school math and science teacher she used a home printer to 3D print objects and models for her students.

This just tells me that the youth of today will see 3D printing technology as a part of manufacturing. As they grow and mature, some might even choose to pursue careers in 3D printing technology. I think it just adds more fuel to the growth and adoption of 3D printing technology for years to come.

Paul is all in on the 3D printing market. Paul’s number one stock pick this year is making medical strides through 3D printing. It’s manufactured more than two million medical devices and has even produced plastics and wax for dental procedures.

It’s a great America 2.0 company that could bring viewers like you potentially huge gains.

That concludes this week’s Market Talk. Thank you for tuning in. remember, you can follow Paul and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru and @ALancasterGuru. Until next time, have a wonderful week ahead. Take care.

Medicine, cars, space and about three dozen other industries are being transformed through 3D printing.

To me, nothing has changed. The future is bright and 3D printing will be a big player in that future.

You can check out my full presentation here if you want to know more about ways into this mega trend.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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