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Bold Profits Leads the Way to Huge Gains

Bold Profits Leads the Way to Huge Gains

Here at Bold Profits, we strive to make the investing world an easy-to-navigate place, especially with so many brand-new companies joining the market.

But not every investor has the same outlook or comfort level with the same investing strategies. The recent market dip due to the U.S.-China tariff discussions is great evidence of this.

That’s why we offer more ways for you to take advantage of the many opportunities we talk about in our daily e-letters.

For example, True Momentum subscribers are sitting on four triple-digit gains on our precision medicine and tech mega trends. Plus, loads of double-digit open winners.

And our $10 Million Portfolio targets truly unique, little-known opportunities to massively accelerate your wealth. It identifies stocks with the potential to return 10,000% and more. Ian Dyer and Paul keep an eye out for stocks that are making a splash across the world, often leading the way for innovations of the future.

Rapid Profit Trader options enthusiasts took quick 27% and 34% gains just this week, the latter captured in one day!

And those who follow our Extreme Fortunes model portfolio are sitting on open gains of 105%, 253% and 344% despite recent market turmoil.

We are so proud of our “strong hands” readers who wait out market turmoil and GO FOR IT.

As for what you can get with Bold Profits Daily, there’s always something fresh and exciting to read about every day, and that includes this week.

Week in Review

Monday, May 13: Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer join us on video for this week’s Market Talk. They discuss why The U.S.-China Tariffs Won’t Destroy This Bull Market. While trade discussions are disrupting the market’s stability at the moment, the strength the market’s shown all throughout 2019 indicates that this disruption is only temporary. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, May 14: This week, Paul gives you 3 Reasons to Buy During This Shifting Market in his video. It’s easy to think that the market will continue to drop when large-scale government discussions come into play. But Paul believes that now is actually the best time to buy into the market. Click here to watch and find out the three reasons you should take advantage of the market’s dip.

Wednesday, May 15: Amber talks about the Workplace Disruptor Set for IPO — How to Invest. Right now, there’s a website geared toward bringing your workplace closer together, giving employees a lightning-fast response from co-workers across the country. Click here to read more about a new initial public offering (IPO) that could change the way you work.

Thursday, May 16: In his article, Ian tells you how you can Profit From the Gaming Revolution’s Explosive Growth. Last year, the gaming industry as a whole brought in $116 billion in worldwide revenue. And the type of gaming leading this growth? Mobile gaming and virtual reality. Click here to find out how you can ride this industry’s 159% growth.

Friday, May 17: Nick sat down with a leading investor in the meat-substitute industry to discuss Meatless Burger IPO Nets Investor-Advocate 1,570% Gains. The meatless food craze continues to sweep the nation, with Beyond Meat’s IPO taking off and similar companies likely to follow in its footsteps. Now that the world’s aware of an alternative way to make meat, what does that mean for the future of food? Click here to read more.


Your Bold Profits Team

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